Binance Joins In Collectibles Craze. 6 Batches of NFTs to Be Released

Binance has caught the collectibles bug. This holiday season, the exchange is offering NFTs that will come in six batches.

As per the official tweet, Binance is feeling generous and wants to share some gifts with the community. These gifts are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will be both rare and have a distinctive design to them.

If you’re feeling excited about the giveaway, then the exchange invites you to complete a task. It will be available tomorrow (the 10th of December, press-time).

The tweet ends with a festive line that contains a subtle note of an imperative — “Ho Ho HODL.”

The community appears to be content with the announcement. One user, @cryptophilip, admitted that “a Binance Chain NFT would make him cry from happiness.”

Binance was quick to respond and stated: “It will be an ERC-1155 then we will make a swap once BEP7 is complete.”

Collectibles everywhere

It is noteworthy that collectibles and NFTs are becoming increasingly popular. Even big companies like Binance can’t resist their discreet charm. The Winklevoss twins, who have recently acquired the platform for trading NFTs Nifty Gateway, are also joining the craze.

That said, the two founders couldn’t contain their excitement, saying “Over time, we believe that both real-world and digital collectibles will migrate onto blockchains in the form of nifties (NFTs).”

Besides, during the recent Capital by CoinMarketCap conference in Singapore, Altcoin Buzz discussed the future of NFTs and gaming. The general consensus is that NFTs have the capacity to lure people into the crypto space. Hence, they might be the perfect way to facilitate mass adoption for an otherwise skeptic community.

Speaking about digital collectibles, it’s worth stating that these kinds of products appeal a great deal to the public. And some of them are crazy expensive. Most recently, Altcoin Buzz reported about a unique sale: a rare Gods Unchained card has been auctioned for 210 ETH, approximately $30,000.


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