SUPER Early Crypto MILLIONAIRE Opportunity

Only way to get exceptional returns in crypto, is to get in early or I would say super early. I bought some tokens super early. BNB in July 2017 for $0.15 per token. Today it’s up 200,000%. Also, MATIC released for $0.00263 per token. Today it’s up 34,800%. 

You get the idea, right? This is how you can become a crypto millionaire. If you had gotten in super early, a $100 at launch for both is now worth BNB $218,940 and MATIC $41,825. (At the time of publishing this article).

Right now, my research team and I are working hard to find projects to become the next bullrun millionaires. In this article, I will share 2 high potential projects for which the tokens are yet to be released and 2 midcap tokens that could explode in the next bullrun. Are you ready?

#1 Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Aleph Zero is active in the field of privacy. I mentioned this already a few times, I expect this to become a hot item in crypto.  So, Aleph Zero offers user-friendly, enterprise-grade private smart contracts. Furthermore, their transactions have a high finality. In other words, they confirm fast, in under a second. 

But that’s not all, this project can handle 100k transactions per second (TPS). All the while, keeping a high decentralized level. Their gas fees are also low, around 0.0003 $AZERO. At the current AZERO price, that is only a fraction of a penny. So, even if AZERO does x1000, the gas fee is still under $0.50. The token could see a positive price development soon.

Also, smart contracts just deployed on their mainnet right now, and there will be bridges to other chains. For example: Ethereum, NEAR, Kusama, Cosmos, and BSC. On the other hand, other chains can use Aleph Zero’s privacy infrastructure if they wish to do so. For this, they use Liminal. This is a multichain privacy layer for Web3.

The current AZERO price is $1.54. It has a market cap of $341.6 million. There’s a total supply of 327.5 million AZERO tokens. Out of these, 220 million circulate. However, there’s an inflation of 30,000 tokens per year. This is for 90% used as staking rewards.

Are you staking AZERO yet? Will this token be your ticket to become a crypto millionaire? My next pick is a StarkNet, that doesn’t have a token yet.

#2 StarkNet 

StarkNet is an Ethereum layer 2 solution, similar to Arbitrum and zkSync. Sounds familiar? Well, they better be if you follow us here. I covered both recently in these videos (1 and 2) So, StarkNet uses zk Rollup technology. This allows for massive scaling without comprising the safety or composability of Ethereum. ZK Rollup’s technology is when you prove information and can verify it without revealing the information itself. StarkNet is part of StarkWare. That’s the mother company. StarkEx is also part of this. This is for exchanges, like dYdX.

Until last year, StarkNet already raised up to $165 million in various seed rounds. Currently, StarkNet experiences an increase in inflow. This after the Arbitrum airdrop. As a result, an airdrop may be imminent.

This makes sense since their DAO has its first governance vote. This was between March 21st and 27th. Providing the vote is successful, they will launch the mainnet. The STRK tokens were already deployed in Last November. However, they are not available yet. 10 billion are waiting to launch.

Does that get you excited? I am certainly excited about this. So, whilst we wait for this airdrop, let’s look at my third pick for today, Celestia. Let’s see if we can find another crypto millionaire.

#3 Celestia 

Celestia is a modular blockchain. This means that you can separate data, and its processing, into various chains. Most chains, as we know them, are monolithic blockchains. They complete all required tasks on a single chain. This is not good for scalability.

So, Celestia is the first modular blockchain network. There are comparisons to Celestia being the next Solana. It can handle a high number of transactions per second (TPS). Furthermore, the transactions are cheap. Celestia is also gamifying their chain. 

For example, Cosmos is also a modular chain. Anybody can easily deploy a chain on Celestia. The beauty is, that they don’t need to worry about consensus. That’s what Celestia takes care of. They are like a layer 0 chain and other chains can build on it.

Three weeks ago, we had a closer look at Celestia in this video. This makes Celestia, for instance,

  • Very practical and applicable.
  • Projects will be like rollups and can handle their own data security.

It’s like a business version of Cosmos. Interesting detail, since mid-March the Celestia testnet is available on the Keplr wallet. Which you may know from the Cosmos ecosystem. The project claims that interacting with the testnet doesn’t lead to an airdrop. However, many people think that there will be a Celestia airdrop for their TIA token.

This brings us to the last project for today, Morpheus Network. This project has a token.

#4 Morpheus Network (MNW)

Morpheus Network has its base in China. It’s a supply chain, and it’s the best in its field. For instance, it enjoys a lot of support in China. That’s of course, a massive market. Also, the team is compliance focused and offers suitable solutions to optimize supply chains. For example:

  • Automated smart contracts, for fast payments.
  • Payments in any currency, settled by SWIFT.
  • It is compatible with other chains.

So, Legacy systems can build on top of Morpheus. For example, FedEx’s tracking platform. They have lots of other well-known names integrated. For instance, they integrated with DHL, UPS, SWIFT, Ripple, or Microsoft Dynamics.

The current price of the MNW token is $1.82. Its market cap is $68.1 million. The max and total supply is 47.8 million tokens. 37.5 million already circulate. As you can see, an impressive list of achievements and interesting token details. Remember, be early if you want to become a crypto millionaire!

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