The Next 100x! 10 Hottest Upcoming Altcoin Projects - Part 2

In the previous part of this series, we covered five different upcoming altcoin projects we believe have the potential to achieve a 100x price rally. We are on a hunt for such projects continuously. 

This article covers five more upcoming altcoin projects we expect to have moonshot potentials.

Next 5 Hottest 100x Moonshot Upcoming Altcoin Projects


Project #6: Yield Protocol

This is an open-source platform created especially to help DeFi users increase their earnings. With Yield Protocol anyone can create and carry out yield farming on the Ethereum blockchain DeFI ecosystem. The protocol also helps smart contracts assess market situations providing insights on how to effectively deploy funds.

  • Currently, the Yield Protocol staking APY is close to 250%.
  • March 5, 2021, YIELD token went live on Uniswap and
  • Yield protocol’s foremost achievement is the launch of Yield protocol SHO on Maker DAO on February 23, 2021.
  • Approximately 538,000 DAO tokens were locked by willing investors looking to take part in the YIELD token sale on This amount was about 13,258.75% higher than the proposed locking goal.
Future releases
  • The first product on Yield protocol is a secure algo farming platform dubbed Yield Shield. Yield Shield, according to reports will “automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols”. It will also help maximize yields using recent farming mechanisms.
  • Yield Shield MVP is officially live.
Project #7: Deeper Network (DPR)

This upcoming altcoin project is focused on creating a private and more secure internet for all. That is the Decentralized Internet Infrastructure for WEb 3.0. To achieve this, Deeper Network brings blockchain technology to both network security and the sharing ecosystem. The Network is also a member of the Polkadot Alliance and boasts of having over 8,000 nodes. DPR will furthermore provide:

  • DPN (Decentralized Private Network)
  • Decentralized Web: Deeper Network provides the foundational infrastructure services for Web 3.0 with Deeper’s decentralized DNS (dDNS) and Deeper’s decentralized CDN (dCDN), and lastly, a
  • Decentralized Gateway and dAPP StoreDeeper’s hardware.
  • Project Scooped top prize at Polkadot Hackathon.
  • It is a proud member of the Polkadot DeFi Alliance.
  • The network also recently partnered with Bridge Mutual Insurance.
  • It boasts of partnerships with top partners like Amazon, BestBuy, PAID, etc
  • Deeper early this week raised $1 million in a recent funding round on Indiegogo.
Upcoming updates
  • Public listing – Paid Network: April 5, 12pm UTC ($0.012)
    Poolz: April 5, 12pm UTC ($0.012)
    TokensoftInc: April 8, 11pm UTC ($0.02)
Project #8: Splyt (SHOPX)

Splyt is a Polkadot-powered NFT infrastructure focused on simplifying the existing eCommerce supply chain. The platform simply assigns a special eNFT to every inventory just like the unique SKU number items on an eCommerce platform. After every inventory item has received its unique eNFT, the brand will assign a bounty for the eNFT therefore, creating an opportunity for affiliate marketing.

Immediately a purchase is made, the brand delivers the item while the buyer receives an eNFT as proof of payment.

  • Splyt Core Raises $2.75M, Oversubscribed By $350M

  • Ignition (Paid Network) IDO – final round March 31.
  • Splyt testnet is officially live.
  • The platform recently partnered with Bigcoin.

  • Popular luxury eCommerce platform Maison Du, now makes use of Splyt’s eCommerce protocol.
  • Splyt also recently partnered with Master Ventures and has disclosed plans to launch on PAID Network’s Ignition.
  • The platform, on March 24, announced a strategic partnership with top Chinese venture capital and investment firm LD Capital.

Project# 9: Trodl

This upcoming crypto project is a reputation-based crypto social media platform. Providing its users with verifiable information in a democratic way. It is the perfect platform for traders, users, and publishers. The platform also helps to connect users with top-notch crypto traders.


Trodl recently completed its beta testing and is gearing up for its official launch. It also currently has over 250,000 users on its waiting list.

  • On April 6, 2021, Trodl will be the first partner to do a ZENDIT launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  • IDO to $TRO
    MantraDAO: April 6, 12:00PM UTC IDO Price: $0.006

Projects #10: KnitFinance (KFT)

KnitFinance is a community-led initiative that promises to unlock the full potential of DeFi with Cross Chain synthetics and bridges. The platform also makes it possible for users to convert a coin to an equivalent ERC20 synthetic asset. Making it easy for real-world assets like Gold, Stocks, and Fiat to be pegged crypto assets.

Non-ERC20 tokens can also be traded, borrowed by making use of synthetics. KnitFinnace plans to totally revolutionize the DeFi space by making it possible for pools of assets to be transferred into decentralized finance (DeFi). Interestingly, its PoC is currently on Ethereum, Polkadot, and Polygon (Formerly Matic Network) chains.

  • Partnered with API3 to provide Airnode-enabled data feeds to their protocol. It will power multi-chain assets and bridges.
  • It recently partnered with Tidal Finance, Paralink network, and OroPocket.
  • On March 16, 2021, KnitFinance announced a strategic partnership with Nuls.

In Conclusion

This two-part series article covers in-depth upcoming altcoin projects we believe have a shot at achieving a 100x price rally. Moreover, these upcoming altcoin projects discussed are basically low cap projects, yet to achieve huge awareness and adoption but are providing solutions to real-world issues.


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