Infineo Tokenizes $9M in Life Insurance on Blockchain

This milestone marks a significant advancement in tokenizing real-world assets (RWA).

Using the Provenance network, Infineo successfully minted $9.4 million worth of life insurance policies.

Life Insurance Enters the Blockchain Era

The Provenance Blockchain, developed by Provenance Blockchain Labs, served as the platform for Infineo’s groundbreaking initiative. By leveraging this technology, Infineo aims to create a more efficient, transparent, and accessible life insurance market. The tokenization process involves converting life insurance policies into digital tokens that can be traded on blockchain networks.

This method offers several benefits, including faster settlements, increased transparency, and reduced costs for stakeholders throughout the value chain.

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Infineo’s CEO, Cole Snell, emphasized the transformative potential of this technology, stating, “The digitization of life insurance policies not only unlocks global accessibility to life insurance but also delivers efficiencies and cost savings for industry stakeholders at every point along the value chain.”

The tokenization of life insurance policies is poised to bring significant advantages to the $3 trillion life insurance market. This includes protecting policyholders and beneficiaries from over $7 billion worth of unclaimed benefits.

More About Infineo

The move by Infineo is part of a broader trend where traditional financial markets and the crypto industry are increasingly converging. Institutions are now placing conventional financial products such as credit, bonds, and private equity onto blockchain networks in the form of tokens. This process, often referred to as the tokenization of real-world assets, is anticipated to revolutionize legacy financial systems.

Infineo is not stopping at tokenization alone. The company is also developing secondary markets for these tokenized policies, enabling peer-to-peer transactions and introducing new offerings backed by tokenized life insurance policies. This development aims to provide policyholders with greater flexibility and new financial opportunities.


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