Polygon Chainlink keepers

Smart contract DevOps tasks can now be carried out automatically thanks to Chainlink Keepers.

Chainlink Keepers recently went live on Polygon, which is well-known as an ETH-compatible blockchain. This blockchain platform also provides smart contracts, developers with unrestricted access to some of the best infrastructures in the blockchain and crypto space.

Also, Polygon and Chainlink have been partners for a while now. The blockchain protocol works hand-in-hand with Chainlink VRF and Chainlink reliable Price Feeds. This partnership helps Polygon offers the best possible oracle infrastructure for their DeFi apps. Developers also enjoy top-notch, reliable, and secure $RNG in the NFT and gaming space.

The Lack of Automation in The dApp Space

Despite the impressive progress being made in the Dapp space, there is still a major drawback in transaction automation. Most times, transactions involving money markets like yield aggregators need to be harvested at routine intervals.

Also, DEXs need to be triggered at the exact specified limit order. However, it is currently impossible to automatically carry out these processes on-chain. These DevOps processes have to be done manually or via a centralized platform, using the off-chain infrastructure.

Therefore, the launch of Chainlink Keepers will help propound a workable solution to this issue. The DevOps automation platform recently went live on the Polygon mainnet. In other words, with Chainlink Keepers, smart contract developers on Polygon will have access to much-needed automation. This will be possible without having to make use of off-chain infrastructure and other centralized platforms.

Moreover, Chainlink Keeper’s automation process will also be based on Chainlink’s reliable and secure node operators. Also, the same operators are currently securing more than USD 75 billion worth of assets. Users can now quickly enlist the services of Chainlink Keepers for their DevOps tasks.

More About Chainlink Keepers

Simply put, most smart contracts require some external platform, called “Keeper,” to carry out on-chain transactions. Therefore, keepers work like bots, helping to trigger responses from smart contracts. A perfect example of this is the recent launch of Chainlink Keepers Network on Polygon mainnet.

Advantages of Chainlink Keepers

Chainlink is well-known as a decentralized, secure, and reliable oracle platform. The platform aims to provide smart contracts with secure and cost-effective automation. Therefore, Chainlink Keepers runs in a decentralized network of Keepers.

Also, Chainlink Keepers can perform several unique functions. This includes keeping time or computing more complex calculations. In addition, the automation platform monitors predefined benchmarks or specifications using off-chain computation.

The recently launched Chainlink Keeper will provide developers on Polygon with several vital possibilities.

Therefore, developers on Polygon will enjoy:

  • Expandable computation
  • Much -reduced DevOps costs
  • Smart contract execution in a decentralized manner
  • Higher uptime, etc.

On the other hand, several other projects are looking to incorporate Chainlink Keepers. Some of these projects include Entropyfi, DFYN, Enthrone, etc.

Speaking on the launch, Polygon Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, spoke highly of Chainlink Keeper’s launch on Polygon. He said that the integration is a significant turning point for the entire Polygon ecosystem. Also, he mentioned: “Developers can now save considerable time and money by outsourcing DevOps tasks to the most proven and reliable network of keepers.”

In conclusion, Chainlink Keepers has the potential to revolutionize the DeFi space completely. Introducing essential and advanced features like limit trading, etc., to decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

$LINK and $MATIC Price

When writing this article, $LINK was trading at USD 27.89 with a market cap of USD 12.9 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of USD 1.23 billion. The token is also down by 1.2% in the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, $MATIC was trading at USD 1.57 with a market cap of USD 10.8 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of USD 812.7 million. The token was up by 0.3% in the last 24 hours.

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