Baby Ape Social Club NFT Collection Review

The Baby Ape Social Club NFT collection is on the Solana blockchain. The NFT collection consists of 5,000 unique NFTs. It took just 10 minutes for the collection to sell out.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the Baby Ape Social Club NFT collection.

What Is the Baby Ape Social Club?

Holding a Baby Ape Social Club NFT gives a few benefits to collectors. Holders get exclusive merchandise drops. Additionally, holding the NFT grants entry to exclusive events. The project has an engaging storyline and lore. Baby Apes inhabit Dab Island, an imaginary island located in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. The team is teasing a hashtag of #TimeToEvolve on their Twitter account. Crafted by Micho Toshi, a former Hollywood executive and current screenwriter/NFT storyteller, it suggests something big is about to kick off with the project.

The team also plans to create an animation series soon. The team has amassed a massive following of 24.1K on Twitter and 13.5k followers on Instagram. They also have a strong community of 39K members within their Discord group. The team behind the collection had their first large social event hosted at a mansion in the hills of Bel-Air, near Los Angeles, California, on March 4th, 2022. The event was a success and had 300+ attendees. The team has promised more social events in the future.

Baby Ape Social Club NFT collection
Source: Baby Ape Social Club

Staking Baby Apes earns the $DAB token. This is the collection’s native token in its ecosystem. Staking takes place via the collection’s website. According to MoonRank, if a holder is staking one of the top 1,000 rarest Baby Apes, they earn more $DAB. If matched with Baby Tigers, there is a staking multiplier where holders can receive 1.25x $DAB. As with any NFT, holders can also use their NFT as their PFP.

The team had a novel idea to reward their holders. They airdropped a random Baby Tiger NFT to some holders. Eligibility was in the form of delisting Baby Ape NFTs at the time of the snapshot. This occurred in late January 2022.

Baby Ape Social Club IRL Event
Source: Baby Ape Social Club
Baby Ape Social Club NFT Mint Price

The collection minted on December 13, 2021, at the price of 0.9 SOL. Since then, the collection has gone from strength to strength. The team has a strong following and a dedicated community. Part of the reason is the value that they are adding and giving back to their members. Via the Baby Ape School, they are educating and introducing people to the crypto and NFT space. They have information on how to purchase crypto, “mint” NFTs, and how to avoid scams.

Baby Ape Social Club NFT on Magic Eden

As of October 6th, the collection has a floor price of 2.9 SOL. With a total of 117.3k volume, 279 remain listed on Magic Eden. In the last 24 hours, the average sale of the NFT is 5.27 SOL. Whilst there are 1,174 unique owners from the 5k collection.

Baby Ape Social Club NFT on OpenSea

As of October 6th, the collection on OpenSea has a floor price of 5 SOL. With a total of 83k volume and only 0.2% listed. These are staggeringly positive statistics. What is potentially concerning is the unique owner count. Only 19% of unique owners across the collection. We like to see collections with more unique owners. However, in some projects where there is a strong community, they often want to collect (and earn) more.


The BASC sale was obviously a success. The team is not completely doxxed. There is little to no information on Micho Toshi. What is available seems to be a press release of the ex-Hollywood executive. It could be the pseudonym that the writer is working under. However, we cannot simply dismiss the team, the project, or the collection. The Web3 world embraces anonymity, so this is no big deal. What is impressive is the delivery and speed of execution of the team to date.

Let’s take the $DAB coin for example. The $DAB coin is not listed in any centralized exchanges. Other than their official website, the token seems to be available only on the aggregator, Jupiter, and on the Raydium DEX. The token has deflationary mechanics and is used throughout the ecosystem. Coin holders can buy raffle tickets and play the Lucky Banana Wheel to get tiered rewards. A Baby Alien NFT collection is set to launch in Q3 of 2022. The collection is purchasable via $DAB when released. If holders wanted to cash in their $DAB coin, they can do so via Raydium or on Jupiter, swapping it for $SOL or $USDC.

Art is subjective, but I think we can agree that the collection is cute and appealing. It works as a PFP and many are showcasing it on their social profiles. Great effort has gone into the story writing as it is captivating and imaginative. The team could take the project in many different ways via subplots and the accompanying NFT collections that they are building. The IRL events and the human connection that the developers have with their community is something other brands and collections are striving for. This team could be around for a long while yet.


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