Cryptoscores Brings Something Different To NFT Research

Using a top secret scoring mechanism, users can find the next hot NFT drop.

One of, if not the, most difficult parts of the NFT space is deciding what to buy. What is a good investment? Of course, you’re investing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on what looks like a picture on your screen. Most people making an investment like this want to actually do some research into what they’re investing in.

There are plenty of websites that provide an aggregated feed of upcoming NFT drops. Most of these lists are filled with personal favorites from the creator of the list, or by projects paying to be on that list. What does is different though. They put a focus on scoring these projects based on a variety of floor price influencing factors.

The founder of did an interview with Altcoin Buzz to explain what sets them apart from the rest in the space.

When asked about what sets Cryptoscores apart from the rest, the answer was easy.

Lewis, founder of the site, explains that:

“I personally had a ton of difficulties when researching NFTs. however the first one was, ‘Which NFT launch should I look at?’ We therefore started our website, with a market first, a scoring system to rate upcoming NFT projects. We haven’t stopped there and have continued to add different layers of scores, and measures to our website.”

How do they actually score these projects?

cryptoscores scoring calendar
Scoring calendar via

In order to keep the scores fair and free from gaming by communities and founders, the exact composition of the algorithm was not explained. But Lewis explains that there is a lot that goes into each score:

“The basis of our score is a combination of a supply score and a demand score for each project. The main drivers of each score are determined by many quantitative inputs which we track.”

Lewis goes on to say that “We have not stopped there though, as we kept listening to the communities’ feedback. [We] have since launched AI models for selling out chances, and sell out time ranges.”

Finally, they have three community rating scores:

  • POOL
    • Focuses on project audience
    • Gives a score to the project’s involved audience
  • GLUE
    • Determine’s the “stickiness” of a project’s audience
Why Should You Be Using Services Like Cryptoscores?

The key to the NFT space is research and alpha. You need to know what the market is going to want before they even want it if you want to make a profit.

Sites like:

are all fantastic sites that aggregate information across etherscan and the NFT community and present it in a digestible way. With the constant flow of information and projects being released in the space, it can be hard to keep up. Use these platforms to stay on top of the trends in the space, as well as what is releasing soon!

Many of these sites are beginning to monetize. Cryptoscores being one of them. Their Founders Membership subscription is available for 0.07 ETH (+gas) on January 5th, 2022. Members receive access to the mint calendar with scores, a live whale dashboard, live mint and sales data, and more. For more information, check out their website.

Finally, something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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