GigaChad NFT Collection Review

Social media is a cornerstone of the Internet. Nearly everyone has heard of or seen a meme at some point. Memes are simple, concise, and straightforward. Did you know there is an NFT collection based on a meme?

Memes are part of internet culture. They often emphasize people’s desire to stay relevant. Memes were thought of as social media tools that could go viral and amuse a wide range of people. With the advent of NFT culture, memes have increased in significance. Redefined from a mode of sharing funny content, they now have some monetary worth as part of NFT marketing. The GigaChad NFT collection is one of the many meme NFTs that sprung up before the NFT bubble burst, but does the collection still have potential? Can we expect a positive ROI? Let’s find out.

GigaChadNFT Collection
Source: OpenSea
Who Made the GigaChad NFT Collection?

Rusian artist Krista Sudmalis is behind the GigaChad NFT collection. It is a collection of photographs that are digitally altered. The collection has various models, both male and female. The models personify the ultimate male and female bodies.

The moniker “GigaChad’ appeared in 2017. The term became well-known in numerous communities online. There is much discussion across the internet to determine if GigaChad is a real person. The model is going by the name of Ernest Khalimov. An Instagram account exists under the name berlin.1969. The account has 31 posts and one million followers.

What Is the GigaChad NFT Collection?

The GigaChad NFT collection launched in September 2021. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this NFT collection has 10 traits.

1. Gigachad: 15%
2. Pure Lines: 10%
3. New Culture: 17.1%
4. Beyond Naked: 10%
5. Body Language: 9.3%
6. Mind-Body Merge: 10.7%
7. Another Strength: 12.1%
8. Victim Or Hunter: 7.9%
9. Beauty Underneath: 5.7%
10. The Fifth Element: 6.4%

The actual GigaChad trait is the most sought-after within the collection. The collection includes photos of Krista Sudmalis. Other models and a FemChad also exist. Pixel art renditions of GigaChad’s iconic face are also present. The GigaChad NFT collection is a subset of Krista Sudmalis’ photo-art project known as Sleek’N’Tears.

While initial interest seemed high based on viral discussions on sites like Twitter and the notable engagement on the announcement post itself, the social presence of the project is currently at its worst. The collection’s official Twitter page only has 1.786k followers and Twitter engagement is really desolate as well; the last tweet was months ago. They used to have a Telegram account before but it’s deleted now. The project does not have any official dedicated accounts on other social media platforms either.

The team has not promised any utilities or benefits for holding the NFTs. With no plans, no roadmaps, or Discord for direct social engagements, the future of this project is looking dim.

GigaChad Price

Currently, the floor price is one ETH. There are 140 GigaChad NFTs altogether, and 56 owners currently have at least one GigaChad NTF in their wallet. The collection charges a 10% creator fee. The NFT collection has an all-time total trade volume of 85 ETH. According to the official Twitter page of the project, the entire collection was sold out within three hours of the initial sale.

The overall activities in the project have decreased tremendously after its mint month. There is little activity or any noise regarding the collection.

How to Buy a GigaChad NFT 

If you are thinking to purchase an NFT from this collection, whether it be just for fun or if you are “GigaChad” yourself,  here’s how.

You can buy the GigaChad NFT from Rarible or from OpenSea. First, you have to set up an ERC-721 NFT-compatible wallet like MetaMask and transfer some ETH from your preferred crypto exchange. Next, log in to OpenSea or Rarible (if you don’t have an account yet, create one). Find your desired GigaChad NFT from the collection and select “Buy Now” to purchase immediately. You can also select “Make an Offer” to place a bid on your desired NFT. Confirm your transaction and voilà! You are now a proud GigaChad!


This NFT collection is not a typical project that has a roadmap. It is not a scam or a rug pull. There are no promises, no commitment, and no utility that the NFT collection offers. You have to take this project at its face value.

The wider project was created to exaggerate the perfection of stereotypes. It caught traction within internet culture. Owning a piece of this collection is paying homage to culture and the internet subculture of memes. With no intrinsic value or utility, the desirability of ownership is personal and subjective. With these qualities, the collection could be regarded as art in itself. If you were buying into this with a view to flip, it could take a decade.


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