Solana is a proof-of-stake blockchain that has enjoyed breakthroughs since its inception. The fast-paced blockchain records a huge TVL. Solana is also a growing destination for several blockchain projects. Solana’s growth has lured developers. Even network outages are not stopping Solana’s growth.

New projects launching on Solana range from exchanges to wallets, credit logs to digital games, etc. Therefore, Solana Prime is the platform where you will find the project’s IDO of Solana’s ecosystem. On Thursday 12th, Solana Prime will launch PRIME IDO.

The stunning meteoric rise of DeFi, NFTs, and gaming projects over the last few years has created a demand for high-quality launchpads. These launchpads will assist projects in obtaining the financing and liquidity required for a successful launch. For example, SolanaPrime launched on Solana, attracted by the latter’s incredible transactions per second and low fees.

What is SolanaPrime?

SolanaPrime is a decentralized IDO launchpad platform powered by the Solana chain. Furthermore, it acts as the main entry point for the next wave of DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse DApps to launch on the Solana ecosystem.

Altcoin Buzz held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Ramiro Gamen, the co-founder of SolanaPrime. Ramiro shared deep insight into the project and its plans for the coming months during the chat.

Speaking of how the project came about, Ramiro noted that the team simply grabbed an opportunity in the market. SolanaPrime said it noticed a lack of adequate primary market infrastructure in Solana in the launchpad space. So, the team decided to create a platform that would serve as a gateway for new GameFi and DeFi projects in the ever-expanding Solana ecosystem.

What Does SolanaPrime Intend to Achieve?

As with most new blockchain projects, SolanaPrime believes it has the key to changing several aspects of the blockchain space. SolanaPrime believes that blockchain has the potential to transform various industry verticals. However, it emphasizes the financial sector. CEXes and DEXes are widespread in the industry, but launchpads are less established in the space.

Explaining SolanaPrime’s mission, Ramiro said, “Our mission and vision are to disrupt primary markets through the Solana ecosystem to achieve the most capital-efficient venture funding and primary market gateway in the market. We want to nurture and launch the projects with the highest potential to grow and disrupt their verticals.”

SolanaPrime’s use case spills into several parts of the crypto world, including DeFi and the metaverse. DeFi protocols are changing the financial landscape. So, Solana has laid the groundwork for a diverse set of groundbreaking DeFi dApps. As a result, several Web3 engineers have flocked to the platform.

SolanaPrime offers DeFi projects a chance at acceleration without affecting their quality. The platform is constantly scouting opportunities within the DeFi world. The SolanaPrime incubator will significantly aid Solana-based projects. It will speed up funding, advancement, and launch of deserving projects.

SolanaPrime in the Metaverse

The metaverse is another fast-growing part of the crypto world. As a result, SolanaPrime aims to leave its footprints in that space. The platform sees the metaverse as deserving of attention. SolanaPrime has plans for the metaverse. It foresees a DAO-governed, community-driven social environment.

The metaverse could encourage the world to experiment with new forms of human communication. In addition, SolanaPrime is thrilled by the prospect of owning its own personal data via Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). It also looks forward to peer-to-peer interaction. This would be without the use of go-betweens via Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

SolanaPrime will leverage Solana’s fast and scalable dApps, to provide access to a blank canvas. Users can then collaborate to envision the metaverse. So, SolanaPrime will offer metaverse projects the chance to gain visibility and exposure in the industry.

Speaking on how it will operate, SolanaPrime said it would launch projects on Solana in various verticals. However, the platform would only launch researched projects. This means that the projects would go through scrutiny. In addition, they must receive community approval.

SolanaPrime wants its community to refer projects to it and give feedback on them. Finally, SolanaPrime will expose its investor community to multiple projects. The platform will grant investors access to the IDO, which will help them make informed decisions.

The $PRIME token launch

SolanaPrime’s much anticipated $PRIME token launch will take place on the 12th of May at 10 AM CET. The launch will occur on SolanaPrime’s IDO platform. The $PRIME token is a huge part of the SolanaPrime ecosystem. It grants users access to a range of benefits. Click here to discover more about SolanaPrime’s tokenomics.

The IDO will be first-come, first-served. Furthermore, it would not require any whitelisting or KYC. At first, there will be 250,000 $PRIME tokens available. And each wallet would have a cap of 1,250 $PRIME tokens. SolanaPrime will release a participation guide in the coming days.

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