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Uptrennd is an incentive-based social media platform. It works similarly to how Facebook runs with a newsfeed. So, it also involves various communities and topics which you can interact with and get information about.

Uptrennd encourages users to create original and quality content by offering them incentives on the platform. It is a self-funded project without an initial coin offering (ICO) and is currently a standard web 2.0 website.

As of March 2020, Uptrennd has over 74,000 users and 239,000 cumulative posts.

4 foundation pillars of Uptrennd
  1. Distribution of wealth
    Uptrennd believes everyone should be paid for their passions. They take what they earn on the ads you see and give it right back to their users. They are moving to shift the wealth and power from corporations, back to the people.
  2. Freedom of speech
    Everyone should be able to freely voice their opinions. Uptrennd believes that companies shouldn’t censor based on their subjective opinions and biases. Moreover, the platform does not remove content from its users. And on top of all this, it is fully supportive of cryptocurrency and has lots of crypto communities and discussions.
  3. Equality of opportunity
    Algorithms should be transparent and fair and new users should be able to get just as much visibility as older users. Uptrennd believes quality should be more important than seniority. Everyone will have equal earning opportunities.
  4. Data security
    Uptrennd does not collect your data or invade your privacy.

Uptrennd platform

The home page of a user shows a news feed similar to how Facebook works. The checkbox for OC (original content) is ticked which means the news feed only shows original materials. Boosted content (posts which people spend points to increase views) are being shown first followed by the type of sorting.

Tips on posting

Although boosting posts requires the user to spend points, it allows the post to have more exposure and to gather more upvotes. Many consider boosting posts as a way to keep the points coming in as well as to build their community. As a post gets more attention, it starts appearing at the top of the newsfeeds. The CEO of Altcoin Buzz has shared some tips on how to use Uptrennd which you can view here.


Further down the home page, there is an OC leaderboard in which users can earn more points if they are on it. This encourages users to constantly create original content instead of reposting material. Besides that, being on the leaderboard increases the exposure to your account and it becomes a free advertisement for you.

Uptrennd communities

Uptrennd has a wide choice of crypto and general communities that you can join and be a part of. Even for a non-crypto user, Uptrennd is easy to use and does not require any prior knowledge of the space.

Uptrennd community - Altcoin Buzz

Heading over to your profile page, you will be able to see your statistics and posts. You will be able to see the performance of each post and also choose to boost your post anytime you want.

Take for example our Uptrennd profile. Being a content creator, the platform has been a great avenue to share our content. We are currently at level 25 and have built up a nice community here.

Uptrennd is a small but growing platform with a genuine community. Almost everyone uses social media daily and Uptrennd is here to change this industry. Freedom of speech is a very key area in cryptocurrency and we want to be heard everywhere.

Account overview

All accounts start at level 1 and can reach go up to level 100. The only way to progress in level is to spend your points to level up. As users upgrades in level, they receive more points per upvote. You can refer to the full table here for more details on this.

Upvoting is free for everyone but the platform takes a serious view on those engaged in soliciting upvotes and has a strict action plan in place to deal with it.

Also, every user is allowed to post a maximum of 3 posts per day to encourage more quality posting.

As of January 21, 2020

Uptrennd has been host to many of the top content creators including Altcoin Buzz, and we are proud to lead the charge. We have been posting regularly with our top post having over 77,000 views.

Point system

Points can be earned by carrying out various activities on the platform:

  1. Earning an upvote on your post or comment
  2. The sharing economy – Users can earn 50% of the points with reposts
  3. Receiving donations from other users
  4. Daily activity bonus – Visiting 10 pages in a day
  5. Monthly and weekly contests
  6. Inviting new users on to the platform
  7. Exchanging tokens for points

Points can be used to level up your account, increase your post visibility, and also to redeem for crypto.

1Up token

It is more commonly known as points in which users can exchange them to 1Up tokens.

Nine billion tokens were burnt from the total supply on 27 July 2019 and Uptrennd is committed to making the 1UP token become a deflationary token. Uptrennd pre-mined 1,000,000,000 tokens which are securely kept in cold storage. And the only provision for moving any of these tokens from the cold storage arises when users withdraw them from their points earned on the platform.

Currently, there are over 900 million tokens in Uptrennd’s cold-storage and less than 100 million tokens in the circulating supply.

The total supply is 998,687,526 1UP based on CoinMarketCap.

Uptrennd burns 30% of the number of points that members have used to level up each month. They are also allocating an additional 20% of the invested point amount to the Community Growth Fund. As of March 2020, there have been over 2.5 million locked points from leveling. You can read more about tokenomics here.


Jeff Kerdeikis is the founder of Uptrennd. There are 11 members in the core team and 14 moderators.

And in our recent Spotlight episode on YouTube, we had a chat with Jeff as he shared his insights on Bitcoin trading and about being an entrepreneur in the crypto space.

Learn more and follow Uptrennd!

Altcoin Buzz will be tracking Uptrennd’s progress and updating you further. Stay tuned!

Uptrennd Twitter
Uptrennd Telegram
Altcoin Buzz Uptrennd profile
Uptrennd website

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