Slowly but surely Elon Musk is getting more involved with the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Following his well-circulated love affair with Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Mr. Musk has now posted a cryptic message on Twitter ‘Ethereum’. The conversation which followed is quite exciting!

Even though he later mentioned that he was ‘Just Kidding’ (JK), the crypto space attempted to grab his attention:

  • Justin Sun tried to highlight his projects, Tron and BitTorrent

  • R3 wanted Mr. Musk to check out their Enterprise Blockchain Corda.

  • Anthony Pompliano invited Mr. Musk to come on the podcast to talk about why he is so excited about Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto.

However, Mr. Musk reserved his attention to Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik invited Mr. Musk to the Ethereum Devcon in October 2019, Mr. Musk was eager to understand, ‘What should be developed on Ethereum?’

In reply, Vitalik very graciously listed his opinion in a series of replies. A summary is listed below.

  • A globally accessible financial system
  • Identity
  • All sorts of registries should publish on chain for security and easy verifiability
  • Experimenting with new forms of human organizational structure
  • All sorts of micropayment use cases via payment channels
  • Markets for personal data for privacy-preserving machine learning
  • Cryptoeconomics for spam prevention in social networks
  • Cryptoeconomics / micropayment schemes to reward publishers of good content
  • A testing ground for new market designs
  • Stickers/badges
  • P2p marketplace for internet connections / incentivized mesh networks
  • Decentralized DNS alternatives

It needs to be mentioned that Elon Musk, who was initially impersonated multiple times on Twitter by scammers of “give-away schemes”, has recently shown his support for Bitcoin, saying that Bitcoin’s structure “is quite brilliant”  and “It [cryptocurrency] bypasses currency controls. … Paper money is going away. And crypto is a far better way to transfer values than a piece of paper, that’s for sure.”

Mr. Musk also mentioned on Dogecoin “Dogecoin might be my fav cryptocurrency. It’s pretty cool.


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