Robert Kiyosaki Endorses Bitcoin

In a series of recent tweets, best-selling author, Robert Kiyosaki has come out with unequivocal support and endorsement for Bitcoin trading.

Kiyosaki took the Twitter route as he encouraged the community to invest in Bitcoin due to the unreliability of dollars in recent times. In his tweet, he argued that the Coronavirus pandemic spelled great news for gold, silver, and Bitcoin, and described them as the “best investments today.”

Kiyosaki’s investments strategy

Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. He is also the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company. He is very popular for his bestselling book series “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Kiyosaki is known to use his books as a tool to drive financial awareness and autonomy to readers. In the book, he talks about the stock exchange, real estate, and high return investing strategies.

As seen in his books, he advocates for people to own their own business as he expresses distrust for the government. This also fuelled his endorsement for Bitcoin. Kiyosaki, along with the popular cryptocurrency, also mentioned silver and gold. He praised their autonomy from the Fed’s control and the ease in purchasing them in fractional amounts.

Bitcoin, silver, gold are “great Investments today”

Activism for gold and cryptocurrency is not a recent interest for Robert Kiyosaki. In a live Facebook chat with Marketwatch in 2016, he said, “I love gold but I don’t use gold as an investment, I use gold as an insurance policy, a hedge. Because I suspect the U.S. dollar DXY-0.32% is going to be toast in a few years. Now, if it doesn’t, I still have gold. I’m hedging my positions all the time.”

Kiyosaki also drew similarities between Bitcoin and silver. According to him, anyone could purchase a US Silver Eagle one-dollar coin for $25. So, it was also possible to own a fraction of Bitcoin without necessarily buying a whole BTC. He believes that one can even buy them regularly and pay in installments. Many of his followers, as well as Bitcoin advocates, have also shared the same view.

Last week, we covered the power-packed 2-day virtual BlockDown 2020 conference, where Nicholas Merten of DataDash made similar arguments, calling Bitcoin, besides gold and silver, ideal investment in the slowing economy accentuated by the COVID-19 crisis. We also got Mati Greenspan’s and Nicholas Merten’s takes on the economy, market, and Bitcoin during COVID-19 as chaos reigns during the pandemic crisis.


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