The level of preparation for the Ethereum Merge has been increasing as the date is getting closer. The Ethereum ecosystem has been working extremely hard to complete the long-awaited update and launch it. 

Therefore, Teku and Geth, clients for Ethereum 2.0, delivered the essential Mainnet upgrade v22.8.1, creating the basis for the Merge. The Bellatrix upgrade and Merge transition settings are included in the upgrade. As a result, All Ethereum users must update before the Bellatrix Mainnet goes live on September 6th. Let’s discover more about this important update.

Previous Steps to ETH Merge

The second-largest cryptocurrency’s transition strategy has lagged behind significantly. However, the decision to make the change has come because of the strong criticism of PoW blockchains’ high energy usage during mining. Additionally, most miners use fuels that increase the number of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, creating serious environmental risks in many countries.

But as it prepares to end mining operations on the network, the Ethereum blockchain has gathered its games. The main engine for the Ethereum 2.0 network, Beacon Chain, had already been released. The “Merge” of the Ethereum mainnet with the Beacon Chain will take place in mid-September of this year.

So, here are the latest update about Teku and Geth:

1) Teku Released v22.8.1

Teku, an Ethereum 2.0 client, has recently released v22.8.1 as one of its essential steps toward the migration to PoS.

According to the network’s announcement, the version is a vital step that keeps the Bellatrix upgrade operating for the actions on September 6th. As a result, it would assist the Merge processes and keep everything running well until the final PoS network launch.

Also, all mainnet nodes will align with the process by upgrading to the Teku version with this latest release. The version requires a connection to the engine API of the local execution client and will allow for a smooth transition to PoS.

Teku would report an error in the Merge transition configuration if the execution client is not updated. As a result, there would be no reports warning of the client’s unavailability after the execution client upgrade.

2) Geth Releases Merge Update

Go Ethereum (Geth), an Ethereum client, has published Geth v1.10.22 (Promavess), its first merging upgrade.

The upgrade that allows the Ethereum mainnet to merge will be on September 15th, according to Geth’s GitHub. According to current data, it will take an average of 872.2 TH/s to achieve the needed final TTD.


Staking has also grown in popularity in recent weeks, as data from Etherscan shows that the contract address balance currently stands at 13,344,424 (more than $20 billion). According to OKLink statistics, staking currently accounts for around 11.17% of Ethereum’s total supply, with 153,000 ETH staked since August and approximately 36,000 ETH added weekly.

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