In order to educate people about crypto security and how to secure wallets from frequent crypto hacks and breaches, Ledger, a French-based cryptocurrency wallet company, teamed up with The Sandbox to build the Ledgerverse.

Ledger, a manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware, has partnered with The Sandbox, a major blockchain game platform to develop the LedgerVerse. So, in this article, you will learn more about this partnership.

Ledger Introduces “School of Block”

LedgerVerse’s goal is to make people aware of Web3 security through the “LedgerVerse.” In addition to adding education to The Sandbox’s metaverse, the new project aims to protect the growing environment. Furthermore, it will provide an immersive gaming and learning experience for users.

This partnership is introducing a game in The Sandbox called “The School of Block”. The intention is to raise awareness of the dangers in the crypto sphere. For a chance to earn special NFT rewards in this game, where players must battle hackers and scammers. The project, which will be co-created by The Sandbox and a metaverse creative firm called Swipe Back, is Ledger’s first metaverse initiative. Players must use their knowledge of crypto security to explore The LedgerVerse, a virtual world on The Sandbox metaverse.

In LedgerVerse, there are several missions and adventures, where players will gain fighting skills through these in exchange for limited armor and shields. Upon completion of each level, the educational games modules will provide players with special rewards. Moreover,
Ledger is confident that LedgerVerse will advance its mission of protecting digital assets and web3 products. Players who successfully complete the Ledger’s School of Block will be called “True Masters of Crypto Security.”

More About LedgerVerse 

The Sandbox and Ledger announced their collaboration at the Non-Fungible Conference in Paris. The new partnership intends to offer security to The Sandbox environment and give Ledger a virtual space in The Sandbox to educate people about cryptocurrency.
This collaboration will also benefit SAND owners since Ledger will provide custom Ledger Nanos to all SAND owners.

Furthermore, the Ledger wallet lets users store their crypto assets, reducing the chances of losing them due to crypto breaches and hacks. Ledger’s chief experience officer, Ian Rogers said: “The thing is that educated people become Ledger buyers. So we simply want to make sure that everyone has all of the information they need to be secure and properly manage this great right and freedom that they have of self-custody.”

What is Ledger? 

Ledger is a French hardware firm that offers a safe solution to using Bitcoin wallets housed inside a small chip card. The hardware wallet interacts with the browser by connecting to the PC through a USB connection. This stops hackers from accessing sensitive data on the PC and stealing bitcoins. The firm is growing its activities across the web3 sector as one of the top producers of hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

Finally, the Ledger Nano S Plus, a new hardware wallet with NFT functionality, was recently released in a limited edition. Ledger has sold over 3 million hardware wallets in total. Furthermore, nearly 1.5 million people use Ledger Live each month. It is the software solution provided by the company for managing your crypto assets.

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