Top Cardano Updates November Week 2

There have been some exciting developments in the Cardano ecosystem recently. To keep readers informed, Altcoin Buzz looks at essential Cardano updates from the second week of November.

From the past week, ADA Finance will design a pioneer decentralized finance program on Cardano. In addition, Cardano and World Mobile will commence a partnership. Let’s take an in-depth look at these Cardano updates.

1 – ADA Finance Design Pioneer DeFi Program On Cardano with Incentives

ADA Finance is a cross-dual-chain DeFi platform on Cardano. The platform will introduce an affiliate rewards program aimed at making users refer other people to the protocol. Therefore, the referrer will be rewarded with passive income for contributing to the growth of the platform.

Therefore, following the recent Alonzo hard fork, Cardano blockchain has been focused on launching smart contracts alongside attracting other DeFi products on the blockchain. Thus, this step by ADA Finance is a step in the desired direction.

2 – Cardano and World Mobile Enter Partnership

World Mobile is launching the first mobile network created on blockchain technology, rewarding inclusiveness. Following a long-term relationship between the owners of both companies, Micky Watkins (CEO at World Mobile Group) and Charles Hoskinson (Founder of Cardano) have started making specific plans towards working together.

Moreover, with many Sub-Saharan Africans living without access to banking facilities, World Mobile and Cardano plan to improve financial inclusion. They plan to introduce blockchain internet, creating communication towers, and Cardano focusing on digital identity.

Finally, Cardano is expected to leverage Atala Prism, a Cardano-based decentralized system. It’s also likely to play a key role in the plans of Cardano and World Mobile, especially in terms of digital records and voting systems.

3 – Emurgo’s Sergio Ferreros Comments On Yoroi Wallet

Sergio Sanchez Ferreros is the head of product at Emurgo, the commercial arm of Cardano. He recently commented on the possible impact Yoroi light wallet could have on Cardano. Therefore, Sanchez pointed out that users will connect the Yoroi wallet with other hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

“As one of the founding entities of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO can officially update and maintain Yoroi Wallet in coordination with our Cardano ecosystem partners and Cardano’s overall technical development, including things like ADA staking, connecting Cardano-based dApps, Project Catalyst, NFT minting, and more…” he stated.

Finally, users can get the Yoroi light wallet as a mobile app and a browser extension.

$ADA Price Information

As of the time of publication,  the price of $ADA is trading at USD 2.06 with a 24-hour trading volume of $997,768,732. ADA price has been up by 0.9% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 32 billion and a total supply of 45 billion tokens.

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