Bitcoin is still struggling to lift the major resistance of $33,700 and is trading at $33,610. Notably, if the BTC/USDT pair falls below $32,000, then it could lead to the critical support at $30,000, and $28,000. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $2,168.

Let’s review some interesting crypto news in detail for today.

1- Square Unveils To Build Hardware Crypto Wallet To Make Bitcoin More Mainstream

Digital payments company, Square, has decided to build a hardware wallet for Bitcoin. As per Jesse Dorogusker’s tweet, the team has decided to build this wallet to make bitcoin custody more mainstream. Further, the team will discuss any questions and queries regarding this wallet in the open. In addition, once the team will decide to build this, they will set up a dedicated Twitter and Github account.

Notably, Jack Dorsey also discussed this possibility of creating the hardware wallet, earlier during the Bitcoin 2021 conference. Additionally, he praised the community’s response about this project and said it has been “awesome – encouraging, generous, collaborative, & inspiring.”

2- Harmony Launched Incentivized Staking Pool on Onsen

Harmony has launched the incentivized staking pool for 1ONE/WETH on Onsen. As per the tweet, this pool launch is a part of its full-stack partnership with SushiSwap. Moreover, Harmony is a sharding protocol which is fully interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem, and has a two-second finality.

This 1ONE token in the Onsen pool is the native ONE token bridged from Harmony to Ethereum, which is a bi-directional Ethereum bridge. Earlier, Sushi also allocated $2 million as a reward for liquidity miners on Harmony.

3- OpenOcean Aggregates Polygon To Uplift Its Trading Ecosystem

Crypto Exchange aggregator OpenOcean has announced to aggregate Polygon (Previously Matic). OpenOcean is a leading full aggregator that gives access to crypto trading and pools liquidity for both DeFi and CeFi. As a DeFi aggregator, OpenOcean will launch cross-chain protocol aggregation, supporting cross-chain swaps with the best price. Hence, this coalition will help traders to make trades on the network at the most suitable prices with low slippage.

In addition, OpenOcean will offer roughly 100,000 of its native OOE tokens in upcoming weeks to boost trading on Polygon. Additionally, the team has plans to release cross-chain aggregations in the near future to enable trades across different chains.


4- PAID Network | Pera Finance Partnership to Boost Ignition Launchpad

PAID Network has partnered with Pera Finance to enhance new and existing projects with Pera Finance yield farming. Pera Finance platform allows traders, holders, stakers, and liquidity providers to yield farms together. Pera Finance aims to become DeFi’s most sustainable and profitable yield farming protocol.

This partnership helps Pera to expand its business agreements and relationship processes by utilizing the PAID DApp. In turn, PAID will employ Pera’s technology on future IDO launches on Ignition. Further, the team also has plans to integrate this technology into 3rd party DApps and projects that are introduced on its launchpad. Additionally, this will benefit both traders and liquidity providers to create a more sustainable and robust DeFi space.

5- Unmarshal Launched New Staking Contract With 216.93% APR

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Unmarshal announcing its new staking contract with a lucrative APR of 216.93%. As per the tweet, the second phase of this Cross Pool launch will take place this week. Unmarshal is a multi-chain DeFi data network that aims to deliver secure and real-time data to dApps.

The native token of Unmarshal ecosystem is MARSH, which plays an important role in governing the network. Moreover, Users can stake MARSH tokens to become Validators, Deployers, and enjoy other benefits in the Unmarshal ecosystem. As stated, over 122k+ MARSH are staked in the old staking contract of Cross Pool. Hence, to enjoy this whopping APR, users can join in a new staking contract on HotCross.

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