The market is red but the news is hot. Bitcoin revisits the 63k region, while Ethereum shows strength at 4700 dollars. Amidst all the chaos Fear and Greed Index shows Extreme Greed. 

Here is your Top Crypto News for the day.

1) Twitter Has a Crypto Team

For certain, we know that all our favorite crypto projects have a Twitter handle. But now Twitter is also jumping into crypto officially.

Twitter is launching a dedicated crypto team.  And now, the organization has appointed Tess Rinearson to lead the team.

This is not the first time Twitter is associated with Crypto. Recently, Twitter enabled Bitcoin tipping and NFTs. Unsurprisingly, CEO Jack Dorsey is a big supporter of Bitcoin too.

But why a crypto team?

This is mainly due to two things

  1. The recent advancements in web 3.0
  2. The increasing popularity and mainstream adoption of crypto.


2) CoinGecko Welcomes You to GeckoCon

CoinGecko, one of the biggest Crypto data platforms, is hosting GeckoCon. GeckoCon is the first-ever conference by CoinGecko. The theme of the conference is ‘NFTs Gone Wild’.

Co-Founder Bobby Ong says, ” NFTs are things everyone can connect with”. The program will take place between the 17th and 19th of November. 

CoinGecko reminds us that access to GeckoCon will be free for everyone. They are also organizing NFT minting workshops. You can join the workshop here

3) ParaState Hackathon is Live

ParaState is organizing a Hackathon with over $100,000 dollars in prizes. 

What is ParaState?

Parastate helps any substrate blockchain to become Ethereum-compatible. In other words, ParaState is a driver who brings Polkadot projects to Ethereum.   

The Hackathon ends on the 15th of December and you can register with this link.

You can learn more about the Hackathon here.

Finally, let’s wrap our Top Crypto News with a cool offer from Litentry.

4) Free Dot Domain Name for Parachain Participants

Litentry is a decentralized multichain Identity Aggregation protocol. It enables users to manage their identities and get real-time credit.

Litentry is partnering with PNS to give its community free domain names. PNS or Polkadot Name System is a decentralized domain name system. Users can buy .dot domain names to support smart contracts, wallets, and even NFTs. 

Who Is Eligible?

All participants who contribute more than 10 DOT to the Litentry Crowdloan are eligible for the domain. 

Domain Names are really sought after now with the $ENS drops for .ETH domain holders.

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