DePIN is one of the most promising sectors in crypto during 2024. Especially, GPU distribution plays a big role. This is because of a seemingly endless demand for GPU by AI. Aethir is a new project in this landscape. It recently launched its cloud successfully. Aethir provides GPU compute solutions on-demand for AI and gaming.

So, let’s dive deeper into what Aethir is all about.

What Is Aethir?

Aethir wants to disrupt the global GPU market. Due to the AI demand for GPU, this sector is booming. However, there’s a GPU supply issue. That is, the GPU chip development has constraints. This leaves sectors like AI, gaming, or IoT with high demand and low supply. Aethir is specifically eyeing the enterprise side. It connects them with high-powered GPU chips. For example, NVIDIA’s H100s. You can use these for machine learning and high-end-level AI.

Furthermore, it claims to have the largest GPU network within the DePIN sector. It also claims to combine this with the highest committed revenue. Currently, it offers over 43,000 enterprise grade GPU on-demand. It’s also already available in 23 countries and boasts a 99.99% uptime.

Aethir offers a decentralized solution. The current centralized cloud providers are inefficient. For instance, their GPU sources are not effectively used, and they are expensive. On the other hand, Aethir is much more efficient. It can pool GPU power from underutilized hardware. Now it will distribute this where it’s most needed. This is cost-effective and reduces latency. For example, the cloud gaming industry can take advantage of this.

Aethir also has its native $ATH token. Among others, it’s used to pay for network services. Holders can take part in governance, and you can stake the $ATH token. The token launched on 12th of June. Despite the current difficult market conditions, the token did well. More on this shortly. The following video gives a description about what Aethir is.

How Does Aethir Work?

As already mentioned, Aethir is a decentralized platform. This makes the distribution of the available GPU more efficient and cost-effective. In order to do this, it uses three roles, Container, Indexer, and Checker. So, let’s take a closer look at what these roles are and what they do.

  • Container — This is the fundamental piece of the Aethir Network. It’s where the cloud usage takes place. Using their cloud should be immediate without any lagging. This means that not only the local device handles the workload, but the container. All containers meet specific requirements. In return, they receive rewards for offering quality service. There’s also a quality assurance process in place for containers. This checks that it keeps meeting the network’s standards.
  • Checker — These are also the node operators. They check if Containers are working in a correct and efficient way. So, they’re part of the quality assurance.
  • Indexer — They match users with the best available container. Any request should be met in the shortest time frame possible. There’s a random selection process for indexers. This helps with lowering the fraud potential.

Aethir Tokenomics

Aethir’s native token is $ATH. The current $ATH price is $0.068. That’s 6.6% up over the last 24 hours. Its market cap is $256 million. There’s a max and total supply of 42 billion $ATH tokens. Out of these, only 3.78 billion $ATH tokens circulate.

There was also an airdrop when the token launched. You can check your eligibility here, until early August. Aethir launched on Ethereum. It uses this chain for its airdrop, staking, and it’s the default chain for CEXes. On the other hand, it uses Arbitrum to distribute checker nodes and compute rewards.


Source: Aethir docs


Aethir is an interesting newcomer in the DePIN sector. It recently launched its decentralized cloud for GPU computing. This is an interesting sector, with the seemingly endless demand for GPU by AI and gaming. In this article, we explained what Aethir is and how it works.


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