EVAI – Crypto Asset Rating Platform

Evai is the world’s first decentralized unbiased crypto-assets rating platform. It offers a new way how to effectively minimize your risk and maximize potential profits. It’s very versatile and thus can be used by amateur and professional investors alike.

If you have heard of Standard and Poor or Moody’s, then you would have a question that why isn’t there a reliable Credit Rating agency like these in the crypto space? EVAI is the answer to your question. Through a combination of peer-reviewed financial research and economic modeling, Evai provides decentralized and impartial ratings based on a multi-factor AI & ML model that removes the need for human intervention. EVAI is the native token of the platform.

Altcoin Buzz Will Test How Good Are Evai Ratings For Investing

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You can see most of the popular assets on EVAI and you can sort them based on the highest rating first or the lowest rating first if you are looking to long or short an asset.


Evai Dashboard

The highest-rated asset is considered to be bullish and the lowest rated asset is considered to be bearish. This opens the doors for not just spot buyers who are looking to “LONG” an asset but for margin and leverage traders as well who are looking to open leveraged “LONG” and “SHORT” positions. You can also sort the assets based on the volume, price, market cap, 24-hour price change, 7-day price change, etc.


Very soon, you will be able to add your favorite crypto assets to your watch list section.

Grouping and Filtering

If you are looking to explore the ratings of just NFT domain tokens or DeFi tokens, you can select that group and only tokens belonging to that category will be displayed. You can also select if you want to see only the highest-rated or a specific rated crypto asset. To make things interesting, there is also a feature using which you can filter the assets using the average rating of the asset over a period of 7-day average to 90-day average.

Evai Filter Evai Filter

  • A1 – Exceptionally Strong
  • A2 –  Very Strong
  • A3 – Strong
  • B1 – Good
  • B2 – Moderately Weak
  • B3 – Weak
  • C1, C2, C3 – Very Weak
  • D – Distressed
  • U – Unrateable
How does EVAI rate crypto-assets?


EVAI collects the data of the price of assets from multiple exchanges and APIs. This data is then fed to AI which will determine the best statistical way to represent the average value for or all VARIABLES included in the ratings gathered from different crypto exchanges. This data is then fed to different factors which will each give out their individual rating based on Quantitative Scientific Research and Analyst Driven Output. All factors are unique and will have a unique rating schedule that will decide the rating scale of crypto-assets according to the corresponding value of each factor at a specific time. We will discuss these factors below. EVAI then combines the ratings of all of these factors individually and creates a weighted average using AI and ML to give a global single rating for an asset.

Factors Considered for Ratings

This factor keeps in check the asset bubble risk. Because sometimes over-enthusiastic investors put in too much money. This can backfire and cause a price drop. Their algorithm seeks to gauge the probability of a bubble forming.


This indicator gives you a way to assess how much risk you take per unit of your investment. Of course – the higher the risk-adjusted return, the better the investment. Evai’s platform calculates which assets are good performers over time and which ones are not.


A very important consideration is how the community feels about an asset or market at a particular point in time. This can be measured using applied psychology and machine learning. The Fear and Greed index is one of the examples here. Their algorithm seeks to capture current market sentiment and take advantage of bullish and bearish feelings among investors.

Behavioral Bias

This factor measures the impact of behavioral attitudes on cryptocurrency prices. Behaviour economics gives us clues how our cognitive bias can introduce price anomalies. This impacts the intrinsic value of assets. Here, Evai’s algorithm captures the potential difference from an asset’s fundamental value.


Capitalization tells the story about the value and demand for a particular crypto asset and uses this factor to rank the assets accordingly. This helps to determine their potential market performance.

Market Risk

This compares the risk factor between a particular asset and the broader crypto market. The up and down movements of the market can directly impact the performance of the underlying assets – both in negative or positive ways.


Here the Evai platform gauges the asset’s development activity, adoption, application, and community engagement. Plus other metrics such as the number of active addresses, GitHub pull requests, supply distribution and on-chain volume come into consideration as well.


One of the factors that determine the overall ranking of an asset is how easy it can be bought or sold – without impacting the market price. The more liquid the asset, the more stable it is under normal market conditions. Good liquidity is also important for traders.


This indicator tracks how much the price changes over a period of time. As we know, everything goes up and down. But knowing the past performance helps Evai to foresee the strength of an upcoming market trend.

Rating Notification
You will be notified by Evai.io as the crypto ratings change. Never miss a beat by setting up bespoke notifications that inform you the second the assets you are interested in going up or down in rating classification.

At the time of writing this article, EVAI was trading at $0.5641 with a 24-hour trading volume of $75,674.

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