CoinLib Project is a platform offering live and historic cryptocurrency prices, crypto rankings, charts, customizable portfolios along with providing its readers with real-time information and news about the cryptocurrency market.

Comparison tools

Make comparisons between cryptocurrencies and obtain information about its consensus mechanism, market capitalization, trading volume, the percentage of rising, the rank history or the fall of cryptocurrencies.

CoinLib has functions that provide you with information about:

  • Exchange Rates: Check the value of the tokens, compare the exchange rates with other coins and analyze how the price has been changing.
  • The news sections: Visitors can read the most recent posts, interviews, press releases, articles and other texts connected with the crypto and blockchain market.
  • Comparison of coins: The tools allow users to check a filtered group of coins displayed in the form of graphs. One can also analyze the change in coin price, market cap and other metrics.
  • All about the coins: This section is used by the fresher’s wherein essential information and news regarding the popular coins is mentioned.


On CoinLib, one can create its own portfolio from where you can track your cryptocurrencies or check out those you are interested in, you can even set up an alarm updating you about the increase and decrease in price. In order to perform all these actions, one must be registered at CoinLib.


In this section, you can find the volume of important exchanges along with information regarding the flow of transactions in the last 24 hours as well as which coins are traded on the exchanges.

Cryptocurrency calculator and Global chart

User can calculate the value of cryptocurrencies with the help of a simple calculator. The global charts help you know the total volume of the market and which cryptocurrency is dominating the market.

Getting Started & Starring Your Coins

The moment you land on the home page of CoinLib, you can see the top cryptocurrencies in the market with their real-time price updates and other basic stats. You also have the option of moving it to the Movers tab where you are able to see the coins who have gained or lost the most in the past 1 hour/ 24 hours / 7days or 30 days.


Coinlib Overview

After creating a CoinLib account, you can star your favorite coins as they appear on the home screen. It allows you to access their basic information and movements over the time period you choose. You can even visit the Portfolio tab to have a look at the coins you have placed in the portfolio.

Adding trades, creating and tracking portfolio

Many investors in the crypto space check their cryptocurrencies portfolios multiple times during the day. CoinLib allows you to track your coins, prices, and performance along with the general performance of the initial investment in real time. Creating a portfolio is very simple and the same is adding trades. It is also easy to track the trades you have done, flipping the coin for another etc.




CoinLib is useful for investors in order to keep track of their crypto investments, the performance of the portfolio, and receive price updates in real time. It also serves as a perfect tool for doing research around the cryptocurrencies as it offers detailed information about the specific coins, the correlation between the FIAT and cryptocurrencies and receives the latest news. CoinLib also works perfectly on tablets, mobile phones as well as desktops.


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