Bitfinity Bridges Bitcoin and ICP with EVM Launch

The platform has recently launched its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

This move enables Solidity-based dapps to interact with tokens from both Bitcoin and the Internet Computer networks. Let’s explore more about Bitfinity.

Unlocking Interoperability for Solidity Dapps

This significant upgrade enables Solidity-based dapps to access tokens like BTC and runes on the Bitcoin Network. It also enhances the capabilities of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) by supporting Solidity. By integrating with the Bitcoin network, Bitfinity enables seamless asset bridging to other blockchains. It’s based on the Internet Computer. This fosters greater interoperability within the decentralized ecosystem.

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One of the key features of this development is the integration of ICP’s tech stack. It will enable applications utilizing Ethereum’s smart contract programming language, Solidity, to access Bitcoin-based tokens. This integration bridges the gap between two major blockchain networks, unlocking new opportunities for developers and users alike.

More About Bitfinity on Bitcoin

The combination of Runes and Bitfinity presents a compelling proposition for tokenization on the Bitcoin blockchain. Runes introduces a novel approach to token issuance directly on Bitcoin, offering a new level of inscription capabilities. Meanwhile, Bitfinity provides the necessary infrastructure and scalability to support this innovation, enabling seamless integration and utilization of Runes tokens.

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Additionally, Bitfinity has developed the Ord-RS Rust library, equipped with essential tools like transaction builders, signers, and parsers, to streamline the process of working with Runes and Ordinal inscriptions within the Bitfinity wallet ecosystem. This powerful synergy between Runes and Bitfinity has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with and build upon the Bitcoin blockchain.



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