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Bitcoin at 50% Discount: Crypto.com Halving Special

Nothing can beat this offer. Crypto.com to allocate BTC worth $1,000,000 to the exchange users at half price. And a lot more.

Bitcoin at 50% Discount: Crypto.com Halving Special

Bitcoin halving excitement is at its peak and a special offer by Crypto.com has scintillated it further. On May 12, the 3rd day of Bitcoin halving, all Crypto.com users will have an exciting opportunity to grab Bitcoins (BTC) at a 50% discount. Unlike its previous Syndicate discount offers, the platform users need not stake any CRO.

Apart from the Bitcoin discounts, Crypto.com is also giving away $100,000 on Twitter. The split will happen between the first 400 entrants. Thus each participant stands an opportunity to win $250.

Moreover, winners of this sweepstake will receive the amount into their Crypto.com account within two weeks of the offer period. Most importantly, entires recorded only through Twitter servers will be eligible for this offer. Thus the only two things you need to participate in this discounted BTC offer are a Crypto.com account and a Twitter account.

Let’s get back to the 50% BTC Special Event.

Particulars of the Syndicate Bitcoin halving offer:
  • Total BTC Supply: BTC worth $1,000,000
  • Discount rate: 50%
  • Commencing date: 12th May 2020, 6 AM UTC
There is more!

The Crypto.com users are free to stake CRO on the Exchange for this offer. And this could increase their maximum allocation for BTC subscription. On top of that, they can enjoy:

Stake & Win

Each participant can stake a maximum amount of CRO to apply for the Bitcoin halving special event. The chart below will help determine the allocation amount.

bitcoin 50% discount offer

Source: Crypto.com

This chart is, however, for reference only. The final maximum allocation will be published on May 12.

Here are the timelines of the event:

50% BTC discount timelines

Source: Crypto.com

Note: The staked CRO cannot be considered as a subscription amount for the event.

The event participants will start receiving the finalized BTC allocation after May 15, 6:00 AM UTC when the acceptance period for the offer ends. In case the total contributed amount  exceeds the $1 million total discounted allocation, the final allocation calculation will be:

BTC 50% discount

Source: Crypto.com

The event is open for participants across the globe except for the citizens and residents of Hong Kong and the United States.

Previously, we covered the Crypto.com and Ledger integration promo that is active till May 8. Besides, the fintech platform rolled out a new USD withdrawal via ACH feature for their US clients.

Earlier this month, at the 2-day power-packed virtual BlockDown 2020 conference, Binance CEO, CZ, had shared his opinion that QE would lead to a BTC price pump. Also, recently popular author and millionaire, Robert Kiyosaki reiterated Bitcoin as the best investment.



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