At the core of this integration lies Sanctum’s INF. It’s a diversified basket of LSTs crafted to facilitate liquidity provision among various tokens within the LST ecosystem.

INF serves to bootstrap the LST world and lets users earn fees without sacrificing yields. Let’s discover more about Jupiter.
INF: Boosting LST Liquidity and User Earnings

With Jupiter Routing, swapping LSTs on Jupiter now taps into INF’s liquidity pool. This integration marks a significant advancement, offering users enhanced swap rates and boosting trading fees for INF.

By leveraging Sanctum’s liquidity solutions, users can seamlessly transition between INF, JupSOL, or other LSTs on the Jupiter platform. This ensures optimal rates and a streamlined trading experience. This integration enhances LST liquidity and reinforces Sanctum’s commitment to innovation and growth in DeFi.

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As users embrace the capabilities enabled by Sanctum’s integration into Jupiter Routing, the LST trading landscape is set for transformation. This change will feature improved liquidity, enhanced trading efficiency, and expanded yield opportunities.

With Sanctum Infinity now part of Jupiter Routing, users can navigate the LST market with confidence. They have access to the best rates and liquidity available, thanks to Sanctum’s cutting-edge solutions.
More About Jupiter

Jupiter is excited to introduce the candidates for LFG Round 3: deBridge Finance, Divvy Bet, and Exchange ART. Over the next nine days, they’ll engage with the community, answer questions, and share their plans to win support.

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On May 22nd, the community will have the opportunity to cast their votes and determine which project will receive funding and support. This process showcases Jupiter’s commitment to community involvement and decentralized decision-making, empowering users to shape the future of the platform.



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