Top Crypto News: 02/23

After making an all-time high of $58,640, Bitcoin underwent a sharp correction down to as low as $45,200 and is currently trading at $50,297. This BTC price drop was more than 15% over that major drop, which liquidated a lot of long positions in the futures market. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,619.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Tether | Bitfinex Agreed on a Settlement of $18.5 Million With New York Attorney General’s Office

Tether and Bitfinex announced that they have settled with the New York Attorney General’s Office. As per the tweet, both have admitted no wrongdoing and agreed to pay the settlement amount of $18.5 million. Moreover, this dispute began in the year 2019 when Bitfinex was facing issues in accessing approximately $850 million in Bitfinex funds. Further, it was alleged that Bitfinex privately used Tether’s funds to cover the loss of a payment processor which created withdrawal issues for Bitfinex’s customers. Additionally, the team has submitted over 2.5 million pages of documentation to the Attorney General’s Office during the investigation. Teams up With DAO Maker To Integrate DAO Tokens Payment Option for Users partnered with DAO Maker to integrate DAO tokens as a preferred payment option. Moreover, has ties with over 600 airlines and over 2.2 million hotel accommodations worldwide. According to the tweet, this partnership facilitates users to pay for flights and accommodations using DAO on Additionally, DAO holders will also get numerous options to book flights and hotels worldwide utilizing this service.

Umbrella Network Tapped Elrond Partnership To Integrate Off-Chain Data Oracles for EGLD DeFi 2.0

Elrond partnered with Umbrella Network to integrate off-chain data oracles. Moreover, Umbrella Network is built on top of a fast dPoS layer which lowers down the transaction cost. In addition, it can also process thousands of transactions while assuring data integrity. This partnership helps the Elrond devnet to use Umbrella Network’s data points and facilitates the addition of EGLD price feeds into Umbrella’s data sets. Further, this will help developers building on Elrond Network to fetch valuable real-time data to deliver applications that will operate at an internet-scale performance.

Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) Launched on Polygon To Boost DeFi Gaming Infrastructure

Chainlink announced the launch of the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon (formerly Matic) mainnet. Moreover, Chainlink VRF provides a cryptographically secure interface for smart contract developers. With this partnership, developers can create innovative smart contracts, and it will empower the DeFi, NFT, and on-chain gaming applications. Furthermore, Polygon developers will get access to an on-chain random number generator (RNG) solution (Chainlink’s VRF) to scale and secure the DeFi protocols and gaming dApps.

Terra Virtua Teams up With Polkamarkets To Gamify Innovative NFTs

The last bit of crypto news on our list is Terra Virtua, which collaborated with Polkamarkets to gamify real-world events with NFTs. Moreover, Terra Virtua is an entertainment-focused collectibles platform that allows users to interact with their virtual goods on PC, web, and mobile. With this partnership, users will get access to NFTs of various brands such as eSports franchises, sports teams, and many more. Additionally, users can also earn novel rewards such as exclusive NFT merchandise, collectibles from major eSports leagues, and more.

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