Top Crypto News: 06/25

Bitcoin and major altcoins, including Ethereum and Binance Coin (BNB), are still struggling to recoup from the dip. On a seven-day count, Bitcoin and Ethereum are down 10.93% and 18.80%, respectively. Overall, the crypto market is down by more than three percent since the last 24 hours, having a combined market capitalization of $1.32 trillion.

Meanwhile, let’s look at some interesting crypto news for today.

1 – Jack Dorsey Ready to Debate Elon Musk Over Bitcoin

Earlier today, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, tweeted about “The B Word,” which is an organization aimed at promoting the adoption of Bitcoin. In response to the tweet, Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, trolled Dorsey with a comment reading “Bicurious?” 

Following Musk’s response, Dorsey requested they should talk about Bitcoin at the upcoming “B Word” conference. Musk agreed to a dialogue with Dorsey. It remains unknown whether or not he will attend the conference, which is scheduled to be held next month. 

This is coming some weeks after Musk criticized Bitcoin and its intensive energy usage. 

2 – Portugal’s National Teams Joins Network

The Portuguese national football team made it to the list of crypto news today, following their partnership with As reported, the European Champions partnered with the blockchain-based fan token platform to boost engagement with supporters. 

As part of the partnership, the Portugal National Team plans to release a fan token dubbed “POR.” Upon launch, the Portuguese team will become the first national team to debut their own native cryptocurrency.

3 – DAO Maker Completes $70 Million Token Burn

DAO Maker successfully conducted another quarterly token burn today. In accordance with the report, about 31.2 million DAO worth $70 million was burned. 

These tokens will not return to circulation again. A token burn is a deflationary approach to keeping coins/tokens relevant and valuable over time. This is in favor of the token holders because it causes scarcity of the token. 

4 – SushiSwap Prepares to Fully Launch on Harmony Network

SushiSwap is now ready to fully launch its decentralized finance products on Harmony. The decentralized exchange deployed some of its services on the network back in May. Today’s crypto news informs the extension of that partnership with about a $4 million incentive. 

Sushi allocated $2 million as a reward for liquidity miners on Harmony, while the remaining goes to Kashi borrowing/lending on Harmony. 

5 – PAID Network Launches Blockchain Gaming Platform, 2Crazy

PAID Network unveiled a new blockchain-based gaming platform today dubbed “2Crazy.” The gaming platform features a wide range of online games, and it’s based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Among other things, 2Crazy will enable users to play with anyone anywhere and also participate in eSports events.

6 – OpenOcean Shares Update on $OOE Token Airdrop

In a blog post today, OpenOcean informed the public that more than 172,000 unique addresses qualified for its first and second round of the OOE airdrop. About 58,126 addresses qualified for round one and 120,204 for round two. 

A total of 9,000,000 OOE will be distributed to the addresses that qualified for the second round. In total, OpenOcean plans to airdrop about 1.9 percent of the entire OOE supply to the community. The protocol is also conducting a 4,900 BUSD giveaway to celebrate 200k unique addresses on the network. 

7 – NFTify Set to Debut on Polygon Network

NFTify, the e-commerce platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has collaborated with Polygon to enable faster and low-cost e-commerce. 

Polygon makes it possible for NFTify users to interact with multiple chains, including Ethereum and BSC. This brings more options for NFT shops in NFTify to mint and trade digital content via a cross-chain link with Polygon.

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