Top Crypto News: 09/14

After making a daily low of $44,031, Bitcoin is now trading at $47,303. MicroStrategy, led by Michael Saylor, utilized this correction and accumulated another $242 million worth of Bitcoin to its portfolio. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $3,424.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news stories today.

1 – EY Integrated Polygon to Scale Its Enterprise Blockchain Products

EY has announced the integration of its blockchain products with Polygon (formerly Matic). As per the press release, this integration will mitigate the high fees and congestion associated with Ethereum network transactions.

With this coalition, EY would work with Polygon to offer permissioned, private optimistic rollup chains. Additionally, EY enterprise clients would utilize Polygon’s scaling solution to perform high-speed transactions at a low cost.

2 – App Listed New Fan Tokens With Arbitrum Network Integration has announced the listing of additional Fan Tokens in its application. As per the tweet, these new Fan Tokens are collectible digital assets that are created on the Chiliz blockchain.

Notably, these Fan Tokens include the AC Milan Fan Token (ACM), FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR), Juventus Fan Token (JUV), OG Fan Token (OG), AS Roma Fan Token (ASR), and Atletico De Madrid Fan Token (ATM). With this launch, users can purchase these Fan Tokens with over 20 fiat currencies using the Visa Card.

Additionally, the App also integrated deposits and withdrawals on the Arbitrum network. Moreover, Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution that aims to manage a large number of transactions at low costs. It utilizes Optimistic Rollups technology, which settles transactions in batches on the main Ethereum blockchain. Consequently, this would help App users to enjoy high-speed transactions for UNI, LINK, SUSHI, and WBTC at a low cost.

3 – Fuse Launches Fuse Cash V2 With Enhanced UI & WalletConnect Functionality

Fuse Network has declared the launch of Fuse Cash V2 to streamline its user interface. As per the tweet, this updated version helps non-crypto users to enjoy the crypto and DeFi space swiftly.

In addition, Fuse Cash V2 offers a yield-earning program for FuseDollar holders. Currently, users can deposit free of charge and any FuseDollar holder can earn a 5% yield immediately utilizing fUSD. Notably, the yield distribution is on a weekly basis, and it does not require to have minimum deposits or fees to enter or exit the program.

Additionally, the team has also upgraded the WalletConnect functionality. Further, this would enhance the feed interactions and notifications related to the dApps connected to their wallet. Consequently, this will allow Fuse Cash users to interact with its native DEX – FuseSwap, the Fuse Rewards platform, and the Fuse Staking platform instantly, without using a MetaMask wallet.

4 – Injective Bridge Is Live With Seamless Cross-Chain Interoperability

Injective has launched its INJ-ETH bridge on the Injective Hub. As per the tweet, users can now utilize the secure cross-chain Injective Bridge to connect any ERC20 token to the Injective Chain. Moreover, the Injective Bridge facilitates lightning-fast transfers at a low cost (average transaction cost of ~$0.02 when transacting on the Injective Chain).

In addition, the Injective Bridge supports the fastest withdrawals compared to other Ethereum scaling solutions. Impressively, the Injective network utilizes Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, which confirms all transactions instantly. Additionally, this Injective Bridge will serve as the gateway to innovative DeFi products with utmost security. Further, this would also allow Cosmos-based tokens to bridge onto Ethereum through Injective.

5 – Unbound Finance Set to Launch Its Mainnet on Ethereum

Our last bit of crypto news for today includes Unbound Finance, which is set to launch its sandbox mainnet. Moreover, Unbound Finance is a non-custodial protocol that aims to unlock liquidity.

As per the tweet, the protocol has gone through four major audits, which were conducted by some of the best industry auditors. These audits helped to ensure the security and accessibility of the platform for its users. Notably, the team will announce its official launch time in the near future. As for now, the team says the launch will take place in mid-September. However, the project launched its Zeta testnet in April 2021 on Ethereum’s Kovan test chain.

As stated, this sandbox mainnet launch would allow the liquidity providers on Ethereum-based AMMs to leverage their LPTs to gain higher returns on their DeFi investments. In addition, users can grow their earnings manyfold by collateralizing their LPTs to initially mint UND stablecoins at zero interest.

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