The market is trading sideways. But that is not stopping some Alts from pumping. Bitcoin falls to the 60k region. Meanwhile, Ethereum returns to 4400 dollars with the fear and greed index turning Greed.

Enjoy your Top Crypto News for the day.

1) Bloktopia Welcomes Binance to Their Metaverse

BinanceNFT announces its entry into the metaverse by launching a virtual office in Bloktopia. To celebrate the event, Binance is conducting a giveaway. You can enter the giveaway here.


Binance will give away a part of its Bloktopia plot. In fact, the Binance home in Bloktopia has 100 REBLOK. And the winner can get 1 $REBLOK.

$REBLOK is the land NFT in Bloktopia. However, the native token is $BLOK. And $BLOK is trading around 8 cents with a trading volume of 122 million dollars.

Bloktopia REBLOK NFTs


2) Lossless Integrates Harmony

Crypto insurance protocol Lossless integrates with Harmony. Lossless is widening its list of layer 1 blockchain partners.

Projects building on Harmony can opt to integrate Lossless. $LSS can protect tokens from hacks and offer more security. 

On the news, $LSS token gained 16% and is trading near 1.6 dollars. 


3) Gem Guardian Announces Mainnet

Gem Guardian announces its mainnet launch on 15th November. Along with the upgrade, some interesting features are also rolling out. Gem Guardian will launch the much-awaited NFT Staking. Players can also take part in the Loot Box presale also.

Gem Guardian is a play-to-earn NFT card Game. The player can acquire mythical Guardians and Dragons. And users can battle to earn in-game rewards. 


The native token is $GEMG. Currently, it is trading for 1.6 dollars. $GEMG is available on Pancakeswap & MEXC. And it has a market cap of around 3.3 million dollars. 

4) DAFI Protocol is Switching to Polygon

DeFi protocol DAFI is switching to Polygon. Currently, DAFI is running on Ethereum. And a hike in gas fees is pushing it to explore other options. On Polygon DAFI can achieve low-cost, instant transactions.

What is the problem $DAFI is trying to solve?

Decentralized networks face a twin dilemma.

  • They want to incentivize participants. And this is often achieved with high inflation.

So this model is not sustainable. And it can cause a devaluation of the token also. 

Well, the DAFI protocol solves this by mapping crypto assets to demand. And this minimizes the effects of low demand. DAFI also introduces Super Staking.

The reward in Super Staking is a liquid version of the coin itself. So this controls the circulating supply of $DAFI. 

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