The WanChain network is constantly working on building cross-chain infrastructure since 2017. It primarily focuses on developing bridges that can connect public or private, homogeneous or heterogeneous blockchains. The platform has a native bridge solution, WanBridge that allows the users to transfer coins between multiple networks. Currently, the bridge supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, WanChain, MoonRiver, etc. Network users can securely and easily transfer among these networks with lower gas fees. The bridge currently supports only the Google Chrome browser.

So, in this article, we will explain how you can use the bridge to transfer ETH coins between Ethereum and the WanChain network.

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Access The Bridge

To use the bridge, visit the page. The landing page looks like this.

WanChain Bridge

Users need to connect their wallets with the bridge platform to access it.

Connect Wallet

Click on the Connect Wallet button appearing at the top of the page to see the list of different wallet types that the bridge supports. Currently, the bridge allows the users to connect with the below wallet types:

  • Metamask
  • WalletConnect
  • Wanmask
  • WanWallet

WanChain Bridge

We will use our Metamask wallet to connect with the platform.

How To Use The Bridge

On the bridge landing page, you will find there are different fields that a user needs to fill to initiate the process. The fields are:

  • Coin/ Token you wish to transfer
  • Source network
  • Destination network

The application will automatically take the connected wallet address in the From field. You can also check the coin balance here that a user is holding in the wallet.

In the Recipient field, you can enter the same or different wallet address as per your requirement.

Next, enter the amount of the coin/token that you wish to transfer.

WanChain Bridge

The application will now show you the amount of bridged coin (WETH in this case) you will receive at the destination address and the fee charged for the process.

Verify the details and confirm the process by clicking on the Confirm button.

WanChain Bridge

The transaction is submitted. You can check the status from the History tab.

WanChain Bridge

Wait for the transaction to complete. You can see that the status will change to Success.

WanChain Bridge

Once done, we will check the desired coin in the destination address.

Set Up WanChain network in Metamask

Users need to set up the destination network in the Metamask wallet. There are two methods using which you can set the Wanchain network in Metamask.

Method 1: Using the website

Using the functions provided by users can easily and quickly set up the Wanchain or any network without providing any details manually.

Type in your Chrome browser. Now, in the Search Networks box, search for Wanchain.

Click on Connect Wallet. Once your wallet is connected, you can see the Add to Metamask button, click on it.

This will trigger a process to add the Wanchain network to your Metamask. Approve it, and the Wanchain network will be added (see the below screenshot).

WanChain Bridge

Method 2: Manually Add Wanchain Network details

Users can go to their Metamask wallet and add the Wanchain network details manually. Go to Settings-> Network, then click on Add Network.

Now fill in the following details:

  • Network Name: Wanchain
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 888
  • Currency Symbol: WAN
  • Block Explorer URL:
WanChain Bridge
Add The wanETH Token In Metamask

If you are using the bridge or the coin/token for the first time, it is quite possible that you won’t be able to see the coin immediately once you add the network details.

You have to manually add the token contract address to see the desired token in your wallet.

You can check this page for the list of all supported bridged token contract addresses

Now to add the token manually, click on Import Tokens, and fill in the following contract address to add the wanETH token (follow the steps mentioned in the below screenshot).

WanChain Bridge

You can follow the same steps to transfer any supported coins between any supported networks.

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