Top Crypto News: 05/06

After making a daily low of $53,329, Bitcoin entered into a consolidation phase and is trading at $56,721. Meanwhile, Ethereum is trading into an all-time high territory and is trading close to $3,514.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

1 – | Coppa Italia Partnership to Sponsor Cryptocurrency & NFT Collection announced their sponsorship of cryptocurrency and NFTs for the 2021 Coppa Italia Final. Moreover, the Lega Serie A becomes the first football league exploring the crypto space and NFTs after partnering with As per the tweet, the partnership will see the launch of a special NFT collection to commemorate the first time Atalanta and Juventus play each other at the Coppa Italia Final. This NFT collection will include match highlights, the official trophy, and much more. is one of the fastest-growing crypto apps, along with the Visa card, exchange, and DeFi wallet. Meanwhile, this partnership will help Lega Serie A to expand its international growth and increase its target audience.

2 – The Biggest Decentralized Exchange Launched Uniswap v3 on Ethereum Mainnet

The much anticipated Uniswap v3 launched on Ethereum to empower users with diversified features. As per the tweet, Uniswap v3 offers concentrated liquidity with an upgraded automated market maker (AMM). Moreover, users can enjoy various fee options while trading on Uniswap’s new version. It should be noted that Uniswap v2 will continue to run, and the team has announced there is no v3 liquidity mining program scheduled for launch. In addition, Coingecko also integrated Uniswap v3 exchange data on its platform to provide the most up-to-date price and statistics. Notably, with this launch, the UNI coin price hit a new all-time high of $44.92, which is roughly up 1000% since January 2021.

3 – Umbrella Network Teams With UniFarm to Boost Reward Pool With Oracles

UniFarm partnered with Umbrella Network to utilize its oracles for token reward pools. With this partnership, users can earn rewards in all the tokens within a given pool while staking just one project’s tokens. Umbrella Network offers high-speed and reliable data service to the DeFi market at low costs. Besides this, UniFarm would utilize Umbrella’s oracles to uplift its farming platform through secure and reliable price feeds. In addition, Unifarm will launch the Cohort 7 program on Binance Smart Chain, which will be live on May 11. Hence, this coalition helps Umbrella to participate in this program, which has a total reward pool size of $250k.

4 – Nokia Launched Blockchain-Powered Data Marketplace to Enhance Data Trading & AI Models

Telecom giant Nokia announced the launch of the blockchain-powered Nokia Data Marketplace for secure data trading and AI models. As per the official announcement, enterprises and communications service providers (CSPs) would utilize this Data Marketplace to access real-time trusted datasets. Further, this will also help to enhance strategic business decision-making. Besides this, Nokia Data Marketplace will empower diversified verticals such as electric vehicle charging, environmental data monetization, supply-chain automation, and preventative maintenance. Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning demand are growing rapidly. Hence, this Nokia Data Marketplace will stimulate AI initiatives through federated learning.

5 – Fuse | Ola Finance Integration to Launch Fuse-Native Decentralized Lending Network

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have Fuse announcing the integration of Ola Finance to launch the first Fuse-native decentralized lending network. Initially, this integration will support four assets both on the supply and the demand side. These assets include FUSE, Wrapped Ether (WETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), and USDC. Ola Finance is an innovative DeFi protocol that offers customized options to create a lending network. Additionally, the team plans on communities operating on Fuse to utilize the Ola platform to launch their own lending networks.

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