Top Crypto News: 06/02

The majority of the cryptocurrencies are trading in a mixed manner. While both Bitcoin and Ethereum exhibited a mild positive performance, Dogecoin pumped by over 28%, thus regaining the spot of the sixth-largest crypto coin. According to the on-chain data, traders are booking profits, whereas long-term investors are buying leading tokens.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

1 – Uniswap Sponsors Team Secret, the World’s Leading eSports Team

Uniswap Labs has announced a long-term, first-of-a-kind partnership with Team Secret, which is a premier global eSports organization, through the Uniswap Grants Program. This partnership has a logical path ahead. This is because, in parallel to the advancement in the crypto space, eSports has also witnessed a rise in the sporting and entertainment media category. Through this partnership, Team Secret will be developing eSports activation and exclusive content for the Uniswap Protocol. Moreover, this would include the launch of future projects under the Uniswap Grants Program.

Uniswap will also benefit from this partnership as they would be able to reach native gaming communities. The partnership will drive awareness, adoption, and understanding of the crypto technology through  innovative content containing relevant messages.

2 – DOGE Launched on Coinbase Pro

Coinbase PRO has started accepting inbound transfers of DOGE, but only in those regions where trading is supported. Traders can’t place orders, and no orders will be filled at the present. If liquidity conditions are met, then trading will commence from or after June 3, 9 AM (PT).

Furthermore, DOGE-USD, DOGE-EUR, DOGE-USDT, DOGE-BTC, and DOGE-GBP order books will be launched as soon as enough DOGE supply is established on the platform. These order books would be launched in three phases: post-only, limit-only, and full trading. Trading may be suspended if the new order books do not meet Coinbase’s criteria of an orderly market, as per their Trading Rules.

Moreover, they also announced that DOGE hasn’t been made available either on or on consumer mobile apps. Users will be notified if Coinbase adds this feature in the future.

DOGE was created in 2013, and unlike Bitcoin, it has no maximum supply.

3 – DAFI Protocol Has Integrated With Chainlink to Price dTokens

DAFI Protocol has integrated Chainlink’s Cryptocurrency Data Feeds in order to price their dTokens, which they offer through their reward distribution mechanism. This takes place by Chainlink fetching data from all the off-chain sources and transmitting it on-chain in a very reliable manner. This partnership will also aid in obtaining volume data from different blockchains and APIs. DAFI Protocol can be accessed both by existing and new projects. It would help them to overcome hyperinflation.

This would be done by decreasing the tokens in circulation during times of low demand and increasing the incentives to stakeholders. Through DAFI Protocol, the projects would be able to reward long-term users over the long haul, thus favoring them.

DAFI Protocol’s ultimate aim is to facilitate better token models, which will attract long-term users.

4 – Terra Virtua Welcomes Sevdaliza, Record Music Producer and Artist, to Its Platform

Terra Virtua announced that Sevdaliza, the extraordinary multimedia artist, will be launching her incredible art on Terra Virtua’s platform. This would take place on June 9, 2021. Before she drops her artwork on the platform, Terra Virtua will be engaging in a live chat with her.

Sevdaliza is a singer, record producer, and songwriter. Her debut album was released on April 26, 2017, via her “Twisted Elegance” record label. Terra Virtua, on the other hand, is a platform enabled by blockchain that provides unique gaming, social, and creative experiences.

5 – DETO Is on BSC Network Now!

DETO, a native token of Delta Exchange, can now be moved from ERC-20 to the BSC network via Poly Network Bridge. According to the tweet offering this bit of crypto news, this can be done by using PolyBridge to make the swap between the networks.

Delta Exchange is a crypto derivatives exchange that supports trading of Bitcoin futures and futures of the top 50 altcoins as well. BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is a blockchain-based network on which applications based on smart contracts can be built. Poly Network aims to implement interoperability in order to build next-gen internet infrastructure.

6 – LABS Group Introduces World’s First Peer-Owned NFT Resort

In a first-of-its-kind operation, LABS Group would be combining NFTs with real estate, which would result in a new innovative and value-adding product. By introducing the NFT ecosystem in their end-to-end real estate platform, LABS Group would be expanding its product offerings, use cases, and liquidity provisions.

Through this combination, LABS Group aims to incentivize their users with timeshare-based NFTs, which would bring value to the users through fractional property ownership. These NFTs would be exclusive to LABS Group’s loyal base of stakeholders.

According to the crypto news being reported, in order to mint NFTs and to provide technical insights, LABS Group would be partnering with Enjin and Refinable.

7 – Trodl Launched a Giveaway to Celebrate the Launch of Polygon on Trodl

In order to celebrate the launch of the Polygon community on Trodl, it launched a giveaway. In this giveaway, each of the 10 lucky winners would be receiving 50 MATIC and 1,000 TRO.

The steps which are to be followed to participate in this giveaway are: a) join and follow Polygon at, and b) tag three of your friends, like, and retweet the tweet shown below.

Trodl is a crypto information platform that connects the world with the future of finance. Polygon, on the other hand, is a framework that is built to connect Ethereum-compatible networks.

8 – ParaState Extends Citizen Deadline for Polis Testnet

In order to stress test their network for the purpose of experimentation, ParaState launched Polis – its incentivized community initiative. It is designed to identify vulnerabilities in the system, gather feedback from developers, test the protocol environment, set up a number of nodes, and reward their members. Furthermore, the duration of the program would be for three months, starting from April 2021 to June 2021.

Moreover, there are several paths through which one can participate. One such path is being a Citizen. This path rewards community members for being active on social networks, creating and sharing content, overseeing community management, supporting new node operators, etc. The deadline for applying to the program as a Citizen has been extended to June 7.


9 – Sentinel Desktop Wallet Is Now Available For Download

In our last bit of crypto news for today, we have Sentinel releasing its latest Desktop Wallet, which is now available for download. The wallet has been configured with Sentinel’s IBC-compatible Cosmos-based hub.

Sentinel also announced that the next client release would be Sentinel’s Cosmos-based $dVPN application. Basically, Sentinel Network is a layer that enables true P2P on dApps.

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