Top Crypto News: 09/22

After making a daily low of $40,203 and recording a red day, Bitcoin is now trading at $43,449. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $3,060.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news stories in detail for the day.

1 – Opens Its NFT Platform for all Users has announced the opening of its NFT platform for all creators. In order to participate in this NFT marketplace, users have to submit an application. Upon approval of this request, users can mint and list their collectibles in the marketplace. is one of the fastest-growing crypto apps, along with its Visa Card and its DeFi Wallet. Recently, launched exclusive NFTs from the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 team, Lega Serie A, Snoop Dogg, and more on its platform. Now, this new marketplace makes it possible for any user to bring their creative vision to life as an NFT.

2 – Amasa Taps $1.5 Million Funding to Build Micro Investment Streaming App

Amasa has declared the successful closure of a $1.5 million funding round. As per the tweet, the team will utilize this initial fund to enhance Amasa’s platform and its ecosystem. Impressively, the project has raised this amount from diversified investors, which is led by Animoca Brands.

In addition, the project is backed by some of the top innovative leaders such as Sandeep Nailwhal (co-founder of Polygon), Gabby Dizon (co-founder of Yield Guild Games), and more. Further, Animoca Brands’ support helps Amasa to expand the rapidly growing ecosystem of play-to-earn gaming, NFTs, and metaverse builders.

As per the roadmap, the team has plans to launch Amasa to market in early 2022. This will introduce investment streaming to the world while empowering people to harness the potential of Web 3.0 and DeFi.

3 – Avalanche Set to Launch Its Apricot Phase Four on Mainnet

Avalanche is set to launch its Apricot Phase Four on mainnet. Moreover, this upgrade combines different protocol optimizations.

As stated, Optimization 1 is known as Snowman++, which reduces the contention on a given node. Further, it has Optimization 2, which is C-Chain Fee Reductions. This algorithm is responsible for network utilization and adjusts the minimum fee for any transaction.

Lastly, it has Optimization 3, which introduces the notion of a block fee that must be paid by transactions in a block if it is produced faster than the block target rate. Notably, this mainnet AP4 activation took place at 9 P.M. UTC on the 22nd of September.

4 – DeMons Pilot NFT Collection Sells out Within 10 Seconds

The decentralized community-driven collectibles platform, DeMons, sparked a buying frenzy. The genesis collection of “GodZilliqa” NFTs (100 in total) sold out in just 10 seconds. DeMons strives to connect digital art and collectibles with the entire network set by both the creators and consumers. DeMons is powered by DMZ, which is a utility and governance token of its ecosystem. Users can utilize these tokens to buy, sell, and trade DeMons (NFTs) as well as vote within the DeMonverse.

In addition to selling out the 100 NFTs in 10 seconds, it has recorded sales of over $200,000 within the first 24 hours of launch. Impressively, DeMons made a record of the fastest-sold NFT collection on the Zilliqa blockchain.

5 – Unmarshal | XDC Network Integration to Deploy Applications on XDC Chain

In our last bit of crypto news for today, we have Unmarshal integrating XDC Network into its multi-chain ecosystem. XinFin XDC Network is a public EVM-compatible blockchain, which offers benefits such as low transaction fees, fast confirmation time, double validation, and randomization for security guarantees.

With this integration, dApp developers can swiftly host and deploy their applications on the XDC Chain utilizing Unmarshal’s APIs. In addition, this would help to develop scalable decentralized applications. Additionally, users can also use their wallets on the XDC Chain to access assets and transactions through Unmarshal’s explorer.

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