After making a daily low of USD 40,984, Bitcoin is now trading at USD 42,037. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to USD 2,905.

Let’s find out some exciting crypto news stories for Sept 29.

1- Polygon Recorded a Major Milestone, Surpassing Ethereum’s Active Addresses

The Polygon (Formerly Matic) network has reached a significant milestone, surpassing Ethereum in terms of the total number of daily active addresses. Moreover, the dynamic addresses show the total number of senders and receivers for a particular token.

According to the tweet by the co-founder of Polygon, Mihailo Bjelic, MATIC had reached over 351,000 active addresses for the first time compared to Ethereum, which had 326,000 nowadays. The Polygon blockchain is a protocol build to connect several Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Impressively, it deploys a scalable solution on Ethereum through its multi-chain ecosystem, fueling its adoption.

2- Ethereum Unveils its First Mainnet Upgrade to the Beacon Chain In October

Ethereum is set to launch its first mainnet upgrade to the Beacon Chain on Oct 27, 2021. Moreover, this upgrade is named Altair, which is scheduled to take place at epoch 74240.

As per the announcement, this EIP-2982 upgrade will ensure that the proof-of-stake protocol is economically secure. In addition, two proposed penalties under this improvement proposal are Inactivity leak and slashing. Further, this would also help to fix validator incentives issues, cleans up beacon state incentive accounting, and more.


3- VIDT Datalink | Kucoin Collaboration to Launch the NFT Gaming Experience

VIDT Datalink has collaborated with Kucoin to launch the NFT gaming experience. The project has not revealed much information regarding this coalition. However, the team will release further details about this verified NFT gaming experience on its official Twitter handle shortly.

VIDT Datalink is a blockchain-powered data validation platform that safeguards organizations’ digital data against fraud and manipulation. Recently, VIDT also launched its NFTs on Binance Smart Chain. In addition, VIDT offers NFTs legal ownership to record NFTs’ transaction records. Hence this might be an innovative step to uplift the NFT ecosystem.

4- SundaeSwap | Nervos Network Partnership To Create Cross-chain Liquidity

Cardano-Based DEX SundaeSwap has announced its partnership with Nervos Network to provide cross-chain liquidity. Moreover, SundaeSwap is a decentralized exchange protocol on Cardano. It aims to provide solutions that strengthen the Cardano ecosystem with interoperability amongst other blockchains.

Nervos is a layered crypto-economy network that separates the infrastructure of a crypto-economy into two layers for high-performance transactions and privacy protection. According to the announcement, this coalition would help SundaeSwap utilize Nervos Force Bridge technology to create cross-chain liquidity. Additionally, the Nervos team also has plans to work with other Cardano projects.

5- Injective Labs Launches Equinox Staking Rewards Worth Over $1 Million INJ

In the last bit of crypto news for the day, we have Injective Labs announcing its reward distribution. As per the announcement, users can participate in this Equinox Testnet to enjoy Staking rewards. As stated, the team has allocated over $1 Million worth of INJ tokens for the Equinox stakers.

According to the announcement, users can provide valuable feedback to improve the protocol for future reference. Recently, Injective also revealed its Canonical Chain mainnet, which will occur by the end of October or early November this year.

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