5 Undervalued Low Cap Coins

The world of cryptocurrencies consists of more than 7,000 projects today, ranging from popular brands like Bitcoin and Ethereum to meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. While these digital assets make up most of the volume of cryptocurrencies, low-cap virtual currencies are equally important in the crypto world, deserving a separate investment class.

Low-cap projects are the hidden gems that have allowed many investors to achieve massive profits. In this article, we share top underrated cryptocurrencies with a bright future, although they have the lowest market cap.

1. Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Founded by Gary Bracey, Terra Virtua is a cross-platform for non-fungible token ecosystems across mobile, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). The platform offers a curated marketplace to collectors and creators to interact. TVK is the fuel that runs Terra Virtua’s ecosystem, opening up an abundance of opportunities for token holders, including staking and farming. Since TVK is an ERC-20 token, it uses Ethereum’s proof-of-stake consensus to validate transactions and secure the platform.

Lately, the project raised $2.5 million in three funding rounds supported by leading venture capital firms, including Woodstock, Hashed, NGC Ventures, LD Capital, and Twin Apex Ventures. In addition to funding, Terra Virtua’s top-notch partnerships with industry leaders are expected to push its price to new heights.

The list of Terra’s partnerships includes Casper Network, Ethernity Chain, Elrond, Polkamarkets, Phantasma, Polygon, and other well-known crypto projects.

Price: $0.1559
Market Cap (May 24, 2021): $34,517,705
CoinGecko ranking: #512

2. PAID Network

Powered by Polkadot, PAID Network is a complete ecosystem of dApps built on top of blockchain technology that delivers DeFi-powered SMART Agreements for all business needs. The project aims to simplify traditional legacy business by introducing blockchain-based contracts.

PAID Network is the first to develop SMART Agreements that can be deployed and signed on-chain. Domestic and international businesses can use this proprietary technology to build upon various aspects of business transactions.

The project is the brainchild of Kyle Chasse, an industry veteran with investments in many different companies, including Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Circle, Ripple, and many more. In the advisory team, the project has Ryan Williams, the founding partner of Ashbury Legal; Ivan on Tech, a famous YouTuber; Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, eGovern chairman, and other renowned industry figures. The network has a reputable partnership with Curate, LGCY Network, DuckDao, Plasm, and Alphabit, to name a few.

Price: $0.7336
Market Cap (May 24, 2021): $62,424,267
CoinGecko ranking: #370

3) Secret Network

Secret Network is an open-source platform that allows developers and users to perform computations on encrypted data. Therefore, it brings privacy to public blockchains and smart contracts. The network has its consensus and on-chain governance built on top of Cosmos’ Tendermint network. At the heart of the Secret ecosystem lies SCRT tokens, which token holders must stake to become validators of the network.

It is the first blockchain to offer privacy-preserving smart contracts. dApps built using Secret Network can utilize encrypted data to protect their users’ data and important information. While it is not the only project offering privacy to the blockchain space, the project could be key to driving the future of the decentralized world.

Moreover, Secret Network has entered into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through the SNIP-721 standard. Using Secret NFTs, collectors can have privacy on their digital art collection while enjoying the transparency of blockchains.

Price: $1.50
Market Cap (May 24, 2021): $104,328,635
CoinGecko ranking:#288

4) DAO Maker (DAO)

DAO Maker intends to disrupt the legacy retail venture investing process in equities and tokens by offering a low-risk participation framework. The platform consists of Venture Bonds for near-zero risks, Dynamic Equity/Coin Offerings for capped risks. Additionally, DAO Maker offers Refundable Strong Holder Offerings (rSHO) for public sales of tokens, and Standard Offerings for equity/token issuance. DAO is the governance token of the DAO Maker ecosystem that allows holders to vote on the proposals about the protocol’s governance.

The platform aims to address multiple issues of the current financial space and is more likely to play a crucial role in the crypto market. Moreover, the DAO token has seen a new all-time high recently. Shortly, we can expect to see more growth as the DeFi sector expands and investors realize the potential of DAO Maker.

Price: $3.02
Market Cap (May 24, 2021): $107,724,799
CoinGecko ranking:#285

5) Fuse Network

Launched in 2019, Fuse is a DeFi project that attempts to lower the cost barrier of everyday finance. The platform connects to the Ethereum blockchain with a bridge to enable tokens to move between Ethereum and Fuse Network. Recently, Fuse also anchored with the Binance Smart Chain through a bridge, bringing more interoperability to its network. The network is secured by the utility token of the network called FUSE.

Fuse is the first to allow all kinds of platforms to enable secure and frictionless mobile payments. Companies and communities like Wikibank, Seedbed, PayWise, and Digital Rand are already using Fuse’s mobile payments to cater to their users.

With partners like e-Money, Rupiah Token, Krystal, Orion, Unmarshal, MantraDAO, and CorionX, Fuse can be considered an investment-worthy cryptocurrency. Moreover, the real-world use case of its platform puts it ahead of all other low-cap coins.

Price: $0.103754
Market Cap (May 24, 2021): $8,831,768
CoinGecko ranking: #940

Final Thoughts

The blue-chip firms and new entrants are most likely to pick Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other high market cap tokens. While the market cap is a criterion for picking cryptos for most, a few investors and traders look for the technology, team, and development aspects of projects instead. Though the above-listed tokens have a low market cap, their technology puts them on the list of high-performing projects.

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