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Kawaii Islands is an NFT play-to-earn (P2E) game that will be rolled out this month. This game has a Manga/Anime style with a wide range of entertainment factors gamified with DeFi on blockchains. 

According to reports, Kawaii Islands recently concluded a USD 2.4 million round of a private token sale. The funding round was carried out by organizations like Signum, MapleBlock, Polygon, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, SL2, DFG, and KardiaChain. As well as, JSquare, AU21, Rikkei Capital, KardiaChain, Chainboost, Polkastarter.

Kawaii Islands game

Source: Kawaii Island

Along with Mapleblock, DFG, and Jsquare, numerous investors from the crypto and business sectors have backed Kawaii Islands’ concept of “play, connect, create, and earn” gaming.

The CEO of Mapleblock, Vijay Garg, said: “Kawaii Islands has strong design elements and fun mechanics that were inherited from its predecessor game series.”

Kawaii Islands Roadmap

On the other hand, Kawaii Island’s roadmap also shows their plans to carry out their native tokens $KWT staking, NFT farming, and opening an online business on-chain, among others. Here you can see a summary of the upcoming features:

  1. October 2021: 
  • $KWT token TGE.
  • Open Beta test: Home decoration, Character dress-up, Friends.
  • NFT farming.

2. November 2021:

  • Leaderboard Community.
  • $KWT Staking.

3. December 2021:

  • Seasonal events.

Also, the CEO of Mapleblock, Vijay Garg, said about Kawaii Islands: “The AI-powered verification of on-chain game NFTs, will unlock a deeper layer of engagement compared to traditional gaming”.

Kawaii Islands Features

With the NFT-based blockchain game launching this month, some notable features to be on the lookout for are stated below:

  • Players will be able to experience simulation gaming simultaneously. It will include farming, building, among other features.
  • The game utilizes DeFi mechanics to help players combine entertainment with earning money.
  • Players can also create their on-chain business and increase their creativity.
  • The games incorporate both off-chain and on-chain activities.
  • The anime metaverse designed by Kawaii Islands places the player in complete control. Also, creativity can freely cut across decorating, styling, crafting, and social networking sections.
  • Players that have artistic and narrative skills can be able to design a Web3 economy. This can be achieved under a “create-to-earn” model.
  • The accomplishments and achievements in the game will earn $KWT tokens. Then, any user can use them to buy assets in the game.

“It is the first time a blockchain-based play-to-earn game introduces such functionality on a large scale,” the report added.

On the other hand, James Wo, CEO of DFG and co-founder of Jsquare said: “The progress being made in Web 3.0 and NFT sector along with the development of the Metaverse and other innovative concepts such as digital marketplaces, stake or play to earn, are yet to be fully appreciated by millions around the world. We believe that this path we are in is inevitable and will increasingly get stronger with more advances and new generations entering the space.”

Here are the prestigious partners and investors of Kawaii Islands:

Kawaii Island Roadmap

Source: Kawaii Island


The Kawaii Islands team is a conglomerate of professionals consolidated in different companies of the sector.

Minh Do, CEO of Kawaii Islands, is also the co-founder of Imba and Suga Group. On the other hand, Chung Dao, the Confounding Advisor, is the CEO and co-founder of Oraichain with a Ph.D. from Tokyo University. Meet the team:

Kawaii Islands team

Source: Kawaii Island

Besides, the Alpha version of the Kawaii islands will be launched this month on iOS, Android, web, and PC. This will allow players to enjoy the anime Metaverse. As well as to fine-tune the gaming experience to their preference.

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