Replay’s Rewarded TV, a blockchain-based streaming channel is now live on iOS.

Following this development, users can now follow their TV shows and movies on Rewarded TV from their iPhone or iPad.

Rewarded TV is a blockchain-enabled OTT streaming service that leverages Theta Network P2P video, a decentralized video delivery network. It also makes it possible for viewers to receive crypto rewards when they share and watch content. And it doesn’t involve subscriptions or adverts. The blockchain-based channel was also designed by the pioneering team of past OTT organizations that powers several OTT streaming channels with over 20 million viewers.

Additionally, Rewarded TV will be the first streaming channel to use the Replay tracking system. Thus, becoming a proof-of-concept to show content creators and film distributors how video consumption tracking via blockchain can be a new way of generating revenue.

According to reports, Rewarded TV is working with content creators and distributors like Monarch Films, World Poker Tour, and Shoreline Entertainment. As well as, VideoElephant and FilmHub among others provide top-quality movies.

Notably, interested viewers can sign-up for free, start streaming video-on-demand (VoD) and:

  • Get rewards in RPLAY (a TNT-20 Theta token) when they share and watch contents
  • Join Watch Parties and have live chats with other users
  • Buy NFTs that progress in real-time to get access to exclusive token-gated content
Info About Replay

Replay is a Crypto Native video-on-demand (VoD) and live streaming platform that exists on Replay Blockchain. Also, it seeks to explore the web3 content ecosystem by eliminating monetization barriers for content creators and users.

Furthermore, Replay has a consumption-based model for digital streams that are trackable on blockchain technology and ready for distribution. It also uses the RPLAY TNT-20 token for this initiative.

Notably, it has support from Theta Labs and other renowned blockchain platforms within the DeFi space.

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