VIDT and LTO To Authenticate COVID Masks

Popular data validation protocol VIDT recently disclosed that it will be helping Dutch authorities validate and authenticate facial masks.

VIDT will be working in partnership with hybrid blockchain platform LTO Network and NEN. The onslaught of the novel coronavirus pandemic has brought about several changes in the world as we know it. Several travel bans are still in place, and people are required to make use of facial masks in public places.

According to reports, Dutch authorities have spent a whooping £857 million ($1.04 billion) on the importation of masks this year. The government has, furthermore, employed the services of validation platform VIDT and LTO Network to ensure the masks are of high quality.

The partnership will involve the use of QR codes to verify the authenticity of the masks. The QR codes system is quite similar to the certificate use case. This mask verification process is slated to commence this week.

VIDT Partnerships

The data verification platform is well-known for its renowned partnerships in the tech space. Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic also facilitated several of its recent partnerships. A major one was its partnership with tech giant IBM. The partnership was in a bid to build integrated Corona Safety Indicator sensors. The sensors were designed to analyze the air quality of a room to see if the area is a poorly ventilated environment.

Apart from its partnership with IBM, VIDT has also partnered with AmSpec, JWC SuperYachts, Rembrandt Art, Morpheus Labs, XFutures, Fantom, National Geographic Prints, Nyenrode Business University, etc.

The authentication platform, in its “fight against fake,” recently incorporated NFT operability into a smart contract. NFTs are majorly meant for digital art collectors and gamers. However, VIDT takes it a step further, also allowing the authentication of luxury goods like jewelry, clothing, accessories, company stocks, etc.

VIDT NFTs are reliable proof of legal and verifiable ownership. Notably, NFTs are only transferable. This means that they can neither be copied nor falsified. They can also only be accessed using only the verifiable fingerprint.

The authentication platform also recently partnered with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). All of VIDT NFTs will be stored on BSC.

VIDT Price

At the time of publication, VIDT was trading at $0.740775, with a market cap of $34,285,151 and also a 24-hour trading volume of $1,881,037.

Find out more about VIDT on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.



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