We always talk about the importance of being early. Add to that the importance of big narratives like gaming, privacy, and SocialFi.

Today, we look at 3 altcoins for you in some of the big narratives in all crypto.

1) xRaise

Our first of these projects is xRaise. xRaise is gaming with some amazing features. It’s a mobile-first smart wallet built for zkSync and compatible users. Also, the xRaise wallet has some great benefits specifically for gamers like account abstraction and session keys.

Account Abstraction is great for all users, not just gamers. But gamers now won’t have to set up separate wallets for each game they play or to separate games from DeFi, payments, or other functions you need from your wallet. With Account Abstraction, it’s like having many sub-wallets within your main wallet. The game can only access the game assets in your wallet and nothing else. It’s great for security and convenience.

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And with Session Keys, this hits gamers right at the heart of one of Web3 gaming’s biggest issues. Wallet interactions in the game. No one playing a Web3 game likes to stop in the middle of the action just to see their wallet pop up in the upper right of their screen. It kills the action. And if you are in a multi-player game, they are moving on while you are stuck.

With Session Keys, this issue goes away. You pre-sign at the beginning of your session what you want your wallet to do assuming you reach certain levels within the game. Then the transaction goes smoothly and automatically so you can just keep playing. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Why haven’t gaming wallets done this before? Why hasn’t Metamask? Well, Metamask hasn’t because it’s an all-purpose wallet, not a gaming-specific wallet.

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Here is where using a gaming-specific wallet builds in a huge advantage for you. And that is why we have xRaise on our list.

2) cheqd

Google. Facebook. OpenAI. Claude. What do these 2 huge companies and 2 huge AI platforms have in common? They all collect your data without your knowledge and use it for themselves. It’s like that now. But it doesn’t have to continue this way. Infrastructures like cheqd want to change that. They want YOU to control who gets access to your data and let you decide if YOU want to monetize your data. The way it should be.

cheqd is bringing a new approach. They are using verifiable credentials (VCs), zero-knowledge proofs, and a popular privacy tech. Also, a user-centric and privacy-preserving digital identity method called Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). In summary, your data stays with you, off-ledger, while only DIDs are on a Ledger.

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DID (Decentralized identifiers) are used to issue, verify, and sign verifiable credentials that you hold like your driver’s license. Verifiable credentials are yours to own and control. Not something for an entity like the State or a huge corp like Google to control. Payment privacy is something we don’t often think about but if you do “XXX” your wallet and that can be tied to your identity, then you’re in big trouble.

With cheqd, you are kept private, as your credentials are with you and only the DIDs are on ledger as we mentioned before. So payments can be viewed on ledger but NONE of your data or anything that can link it to you can be seen. This breaks the link between your data and your wallet.

All transactions around your identity and credentials are paid in $CHEQ, their network’s token. As you can see, their utility is tied to your privacy. The token also comes with a burn, which means the more activity in the network, the more utility and burn of $CHEQ.
Remember, the more privacy and trust layers there are for us, the better.

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If you like what you’ve heard so far and you want to check out the $CHEQ token, you have both DEX and centralized exchange options. You can buy it on Osmosis, Kujira, Manta, Shade, Uniswap, MEXC, Gate.io, and BitMart depending on your preference. Get $CHEQ and control your data.

3) RTF

Are you a big fan of sports and boxing? Or looking for how to cash out from the hype in that industry? Now’s your chance. There’s a new project, RTF, led by Oleksandr Usyk, the World Heavyweight Champion and undisputed king of the cruiserweights. 

RTF isn’t just another game—it’s a revolution in the making. Whether you’re a fan, a boxer, an agent, or a manager, RTF is your chance to dive into the heart of the boxing universe, all under one digital roof.

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RTF’s mission is to make it easier for anyone to build a career in boxing. And for boxers around the world to connect. Think of it like a marketplace for boxers. We’ve got that for NFTs, and AI but NOTHING for boxing. 

With the RTF app, boxers can find opponents for sparring sessions or fights, talk with colleagues, and discuss terms of cooperation. Plus, boxers can offer sparring services and earn from that. Check out what new info came out the day of the Usyk-Fury fight. The RTF app is more like an ecosystem. It offers around 20 services:

  • Battle of Forecasts: Predict sports outcomes and earn $RTF.
  • Cyber Ring: Leverages blockchain for seasonal gameplay, NFT rewards, and token-driven progress.
  • Questing Platform: Here you complete tasks and earn rewards.
  • RTF Stream: Watch your favorite boxing fights in high quality.
  • RTF Offers: Find agents, sparring partners, and more.
Why we like RTF

This massive project has partners like Mike Tyson, the World Boxing Council, the Saudi Arabian government, and Amir Khan. Their $RTF token is the world’s first boxing token, already listed on top exchanges like MEXC, HTX, Pancakeswap, Bitget, BingX, and Gate.io.

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Boxing is a billion-dollar market. And RTF co-organizes all major boxing events. So they have a huge stake in the game. With over 140K app downloads, 120K registrations, and 58K wallets, the numbers speak for themselves. Thel is designed to help boxers grow their careers. Want to learn more and join the action? Check out their X account for more info.


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