Get Ready For These Big Money base Airdrops

Airdrops are still a great way to get free money. The airdrop season is still going strong. 2 Airdrops keep coming in left, middle, and right. It’s relentless, and I’m loving every second of it. So, check our recent airdrop video. Nonetheless, there seemed to be a drop in interest for airdrops. 

Maybe because not all airdrop prerequisites are free. For some, you actually may need to invest some of your own money. Well, that’s all part of the game, and these airdrops may have a high reward. My team and I found some promising new airdrops. So, let’s take a closer look at these. However, before we dive in, remember, always use burner wallets.

1) Berachain

Our first pick for today is Berachain. This is an EVM-compatible L1 chain. Its focus is on DeFi. To wet your appetite, it’s built on the Cosmos SDK (software development kit). However, it will be EVM compatible. 

Earlier this month, the project raised another $100 million. That brings their raised funds up to $142 million. Their latest news is that it partnered with Google. So, so far, we’re doing pretty good with Berachain. But the big question is, how can join their airdrop?

Currently, Berachain is on testnet, which means, well, testing! So, go to their testnet page and use the faucet. However, it’s a testnet, and doesn’t always work. Cryptocito will also supply testnet tokens. This is a well-known Cosmos validator. But you need to fill out a form. The chain has 3 tokens:

  • $BERA — pay transaction fees.
  • $BGT — staking and governance token. Earn it by providing liquidity.
  • $HONEY — stablecoin, earn it by staking $BGT.
  • You can mint $HONEY. 
  • Swap.
  • Add liquidity in pools.
  • Borrow — Swap $BERA for $BTC. Deposit $BTC at the lending platform and borrow $HONEY. 
  • Trade.

These are only some tasks. My advice is to follow their social media. Berachain keeps adding new tasks all the time.

2) Monad

My next choice is Monad. With Monad, I’m super early. But do you remember one of my most used phrases on the channel? ‘Be early’. Especially in the crypto space, that pays off. So, Monad is an Ethereum-compatible Layer 1 chain. The team managed to raise $225 million, led by Paradigm. An airdrop seems very likely. 

For the time being, it’s all about following their social media and be active. Here we go. Join their Discord. But that’s not it. Now you want to be active on their Discord server. Complete the verification process. Now open the “#social credit” channel.

Get the available roles. Make high-quality content and be an active member of the community:

  • access — Prove that you’re human. Only mods can assign this role.
  • Nads role — This is where the grind starts. Provide value to the monad community.
  • Monartist — For artists who make high-quality art on Monad.

Keep an eye for their Galxe channel. Once it opens, you’re one of the first in there. There are also two ‘hidden’ Telegram channels for 999 people. Each week there are tasks to complete. However, also each week, 100 people get purged.

That’s your chance to get in. Follow their X account. Some projects give airdrops if you run a node

3) Base

With Base, we’re in Coinbase territory. If you’re in crypto, you should know about Coinbase. Base is their L2 chain. So, it offers fast and cheap transactions. To qualify for its airdrop, you need to be active in the Base ecosystem.

Get your volume and transaction number up. So, let’s take a look at that:

  • To get transactions, visit Bricks mint. There are 30 NFTs and each counts for 1 transaction. On top of the page, you can choose the chain. Make sure to pick Base. Each transaction ranges between $0.50 — $0.60. You can also bridge NFTs here to other chains. That’s more transactions for you.
  • Visit Seamless Protocol. Make sure to be on Base and deposit $ETH. Now borrow some other assets.
  • Go to Dmail and select the Base chain. Send some emails.
  • In Avantis Finance, be active in the app, Swap and bridge, deposit in earn, and trade.
  • Aerodrome Finance is the next stop. Make swaps and look for the dashboard. Here you can manage liquidity and staking. You can also lock up $AERO tokens.

So, look for more protocols on Base and get busy. This could be a big airdrop.

4) Hyperlane

Here’s my last pick for today. Let’s check out Hyperlane. This is the interchain highway. It’s all about interoperability.  Hyperlane connects Solana with EVM and Cosmos. Get ready for some serious bridging.

So, let’s do this. Start with at least $100 and make sure you have ‘local’ assets to pay for gas:

  • By using the Nexus bridge, bridge $TIA from Celestia to Neutron. You will get $TIA.n. Connect 3 wallets and off we go. Neutron allows you to connect to Manta or Arbitrum. Leave your $TIA.n on either one.
  • With Jumper Exchange, bridge your $TIA.n to $ETH on zkSync.
  • Using Bungee Exchange, you can bridge your $ETH to Base.
  • From Base, take your $ETH to BSC with zkBridge.
  • On BSC use Pancakeswap to get some $ZBC. 
  • Now use the Nautilus bridge and bridge your $ZBC to Nautilus. From Nautilus, bridge it to Solana. That gives you $wZBC. Now bridge it back.

Are you still with me? Well, let’s move on and deploy a smart contract on Thirdweb or any other similar platform.  Mint 10,000 tokens, burn 1,000 and send 1,000 to any EVM address. There are lots of variations possible, so be creative. Keep adding volume and transactions.

So, how did you like these airdrop options? Which one did you like best or has the highest potential? Let me know in the comments.



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