THESE 3 Altcoins Will See a Massive Cras

The crypto market has been shaky. Right now the last thing I want to do is to lose more money. To prevent that from happening I keep a close watch on THIS particular monthly event. I mean the crypto unlock events. 

In the month of May token unlocks of 3 leaders in the Top 30 altcoins are happening. You could even take this as an opportunity to fill your bags with these top tokens.

1) Aptos ($APT)

The first project on my list is Aptos. There’s still a big unlock of 11.31 million $APT, or $115 million. The current $APT price is $8.37. This is part of their monthly unlocks.  However, Aptos recently had 6 consecutive months with big unlocks. The last 6 months saw each month a 5.85% of their circulating supply unlock. This unlock is due on 12th May.

From May onwards, that’s cut to more than half. It went from 24.84 million tokens per month to 11.31 million. Still, a big enough chunk. The four beneficiaries are:

  • The Aptos Foundation with 1.33 million $APT or $13.57 million. 
  • Community with 3.21 million $APT or $32.68 million.
  • 3.96 $APT goes to the core contributors, which is $40.3 million.
  • Investors get 2.81 million $APT, or $28.59 million.

Keep in mind that there are still more Aptos airdrops in the making. Follow their socials to complete tasks, so you qualify. On a different note, Arbitrum also has a monthly token unlock. A total of 92.65 $ARB hits the market on 16th May. This equals $112 million.

2) Aevo ($AEVO)

Next up is Aevo on 15th May. It’s a trading platform for options and perps. 2 On 13th March, the platform unlocked 12% of its tokens. That was 122 million $AEVO. However, on 15th March, it will unlock another 80% of its tokens. That’s 827 million $AEVO tokens, or $1.4 billion. To top this off, the next 9 days, each day sees 6.13 million unlocked. That brings it to 100% unlocked. Wow!

This is one of the most unusual unlocks I’ve ever seen. Look at this vesting chart. However, it’s almost a guarantee that this unlock schedule will affect the $AEVO price. The current price is $1.16. That’s already down by 25% over the last 30 days. I do expect this price to go lower. Many investors and the team are likely to cash in. Anyway, here are the allocations for this unlock:

  • Initial private sale investors get 172.97 million tokens, or $292 million.
  • The team receives an allocation of 215 million $AEVO or $363 million.
  • The DAO treasury is good for 336.59 $AEVO tokens. This equals $569 million.
  • 103 million $AEVO will go into circulation. That’s $174 million.
3) Pyth Network ($PYTH)

The next unlock is happening on the Pyth Network. That’s the oracle in the recent spotlights. It concentrates on data and is a Link challenger. Check my recent comparison video on these two oracles. So, Pyth is having a hell of a toke unlock. Their previous unlock was half a year ago, on 20th November 2023. On that date, we saw the TGE and a massive $PYTH airdrop. 15% or 1.5 billion tokens, worth $1 billion at the time being, unlocked.

Now, an even bigger unlock is hitting the market. No less than 2.13 billion $PYTH or $1.42 billion will unlock come 20th May. The current $PYTH price is $0.43. So, after this unlock, we need to wait another 1 year for the next unlock. With an unlock of this size, I would expect that the $PYTH price will drop. So, let’s take a look at the allocations:

  • A publisher reward of 537.5 million $PYTH, worth $359 million.
  • For ecosystem growth, there’s 1.13 billion $PYTH available, or $751 million.
  • Another 212.5 million $PYTH goes to protocol development. That’s worth $142 million.
  • For private sales, there’s 250 million $PYTH available, or $167 million.
4) Avalanche ($AVAX)

Avalanche is a layer 1 chain. It’s fast, scalable, and offers low transaction fees. Avalanche is now on the second last bigger quarterly unlock. These started in December 2021. As of September, later this year, these quarterly unlocks become a lot smaller.

Nonetheless, come 22nd May, we will see a 9.54m $AVAX token unlock hit the market. That’s $363.54 million at a current $33.68 AVAX price. In all fairness, during the last 4 unlocks, there was hardly any negative impact at all on the $AVAX price. 

Right now, we’re also in a bullrun. In other words, I don’t expect this unlock event to have a big impact on the $AVAX price. So, let’s take a look at the allocations of this $AVAX unlock event:

  • Strategic partners receive 2.25 million $AVAX or $85.7 million.
  • The Foundation receives another 1.67 million tokens. That’s $63.5 million.
  • The team receives 4.5 million $AVAX or $171.45 million.
  • For airdrop purposes, 1.13 million $AVAX becomes available. That’s a cool $42.86 million at current rates.

And this brings me to the end of this unlock event video. Do you hold any of these altcoins? If so, do you expect it to make a difference in the value of your portfolio? Let me know in the comments if you hold any of these tokens.



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