Top 4 Altcoins Under $1: Crypto AI & RWAs
Do crypto coins have to be expensive? Well, the answer is no. There are plenty of crypto coins that currently trade under $1. And they attract many people. So, what is the attraction of these under $1 coins?

Well, first, for $100, you get well over 100 altcoins. Many people like that idea. The same $100 in $BTC only gets you a handful of Satoshis. That may sound irrational, but hey, we’re all humans, after all. But also, providing these coins have good fundamentals, they can do up to 100x. So, my team and I found 4 such altcoins that could do well in the next bull run leg.

1) Pyth Network ($PYTH)

My first pick today is Pyth Network. This is an oracle that calls Solana its home. So, as you may know, oracles are critical in a blockchain environment. The reason is simple. Blockchains can’t communicate with the outside world. 

Now, you can understand that this is a critical feature. Blockchains need this real-world information, so they can do what they’re made for. For example, blockchains may need:

  • Financial information — Prices of cryptocurrencies, bonds, gold, fiat, or stock.
  • Sports results — There are plenty of betting sites. They want the latest football, cycling, or tennis results. To name a few.
  • Environmental sustainability — Offer rewards to people who take part in green initiatives.

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And there’s a lot more that oracles supply information for. However, Pyth Network is active in the financial sector. It delivers real-time market data, for instance: crypto, equities, FX, or commodities. Its oracles connect over 55 blockchains and services over 350 Dapps. It also has over 90 million updates per day. So, that means non-stop, fast, precise, and secure updates, all day long.

The current $PYTH price is $0.3369 with a $1.2 billion marketcap. Being on Solana might be a bonus factor for $PYTH as well. So, keep an eye out for it.

2) MANTRA Chain ($OM)

With MANTRA Chain, I move into the RWA sector. In a nutshell, RWA is about tokenizing real-world assets. So, for example, you can tokenize real estate, commodities, US bonds, or precious metals. You can pretty much tokenize anything from the real world. 

Now, once it’s tokenized, an asset becomes more affordable. A simple example is real estate. Not all of us can afford a $1 million house. However, we can afford a fractionalized asset and own a smaller part of that $1 million house. 

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You can find MANTRA Chain in the Cosmos ecosystem. It’s no secret that this is one of my favorite crypto ecosystems. Since Cosmos is the Layer 0 chain, the MANTRA Chain is a Layer 1 chain. It attempts to bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi. This also means that soon it will be part of the Map of Zones.

he current $OM price is $0.73 with a $603 million marketcap. It’s 3510% up in the last one year! You can find the $ATOM token and others I mentioned today on BYDFi. At BYDFi, you can trade spot markets without KYC or perp markets with KYC. Even Americans and Canadians can. So check out $ATOM or the next two coins on BYDFI today.

3) SingularityNET ($AGIX)

SingularityNET is active in the AI sector. Like the RWA sector MANTRA Chain, this is one of the main sectors of this current bull run. The big news for SingularityNET is its imminent merger with and Ocean Protocol. 

This will start tomorrow, on 11th June, and be completed on 13th June. The new project’s name is Artificial Superintelligence Alliance. As a result, there will be a new coin, $ASI. The token migration starts with $FET on the 11th, in a 1:1 ratio. On 13th June, $AGIX and $OCEAN convert 1:0.433226. 

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SingularityNET offers the migration token contract. This sets the tone for a massive new AI platform. A game-changer for AI is in the making here. Web3 adoption for AI and data might receive a massive boost. It will be by far the world’s largest independent AI foundation.

The current $AGIX price is $0.5397 and has a marketcap of $691 billion. This will all change soon, with the merger. So, keep an eye out for what the $ASI token price will be. It will have 2.63055 billion tokens.

4) Oasis Network ($ROSE)

With the Oasis Network, we move into the privacy and AI sectors. Privacy is a common right that we also need in blockchains. As you may know, blockchains are pseudonymous and not anonymous. 

In other words, transactions are visible on-chain. However, there’s no name attached to a transaction or wallet. On the other hand, it’s not too difficult to attach a name to a wallet. So, on-chain privacy is due.


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Oasis Network offers a sliding scale of this privacy. You can move between 100% public or private, and anywhere in-between. Oasis also offers cross-chain options on any EVM chain. For this, it offers the Oasis Privacy Layer. You can apply the Oasis privacy in plenty of use cases. For example:

  • Decentralized AI. This is one of the focus points of the Oasis Network. There are plenty of use cases inside this AI privacy sector.
  • DeFi.
  • Gaming.
  • Account abstraction.
  • DAOs.
  • Digital IDs (DID).
  • NFTs.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for Oasis to make its mark. The current $ROSE price is $0.1065. It has a marketcap of $720 million. Since the last 7 days, it’s been on the up again. Over the last year, it’s been up by 188%.

Oasis and all 4 altcoins in today’s video are available on BYDFi. On BYDFi, nearly everyone, including Americans can trade there to buy these altcoins or any of the others in their Spot Market with no KYC. OR you can KYC to trade perpetual contracts too.

They even sell altcoins that cost more than $1. So try BYDFi today. Your favorite coins are already there. That’s it for today under $1 coins. Do you have any of these altcoins in your portfolio? 


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