Top 5 Altcoin PUMPS For June 2024 Crypto Rally

June may be the start of the next leg in this bull run. That means that profits are looming on the horizon. It seems that Bitcoin and Ethereum are getting impatient in their starting blocks. 

The SEC just approved an $ETH spot ETF. As a result, during the last 7 days, $ETH is up by 20%. Bitcoin is closing in on its ATH again. The crypto sector is sizzling all around us. So, what does that bring us during June for other coins? Well, my team and I found 5 coins that could do well during June. So, let’s take a look!

1) Ethereum ($ETH)

Ethereum ($ETH) is on this list for a good reason. On 23rd May, the SEC approved 8 Ethereum spot ETFs. BlackRock, Fidelity, and Grayscale are among the companies that will offer these ETFs. However, the same thing as during the Bitcoin approval. Upon approval, the crypto prices dump. Bitcoin and Ethereum were down around 4% on the 24th of May. 

Once the actual $ETH spot ETF trading starts, the price should go up. I expect that $ETH will break the $4k barrier. Once that happens, closing in on its ATH of $4.878 is the next target.

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However, trading of the $ETH spot ETFs is likely not going to happen for another couple of weeks.  This is in contrast to the $BTC spot ETFs. These started trading shortly after their approval. The big difference is that the SEC was talking to the interested parties before it approved the $BTC ETFs.

In contrast, the SEC hasn’t been talking to the $ETH ETF companies. Hence, it will take a while before they all can sort out the required paperwork. The $BTC price went from $46K on approval of their spot ETF to $40K within 2 weeks. So, June is a perfect time to accumulate $ETH.


Next, we have CARV. CARV Protocol is a private, modular data layer made for gaming and AI. We’ve seen in both areas but especially in AI that we could easily fall into the trap of OpenAI or Google controlling all of our data AGAIN. Just like what happened with MSFT, Google, FB, and Amazon.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your data can stay private and in your control. You can control which AI apps and games use your data. And CARV with its Verifier Nodes helps us do that.  A Verifier Node is a lightweight node run by the community to keep CARV decentralized and private. Since it’s lightweight, the system requirements are low. Even a regular PC can operate a CARV node.

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But the important thing is these nodes do the data verification while keeping your data private. They use TEE or Trusted Execution Environments. This is the same type of encryption tech that our friends at Secret Network use, so it’s known and dependable. Node operators, especially early ones like you would be now, have some excellent advantages.

You are eligible for a piece of the 25% of all $CARV tokens reserved only for operators with great earning potential. It’s a huge mostly passive income opportunity starting right now from fees the protocol earns.

The team has some huge backing from top investors, including:

  • Temasek’s Vertex Ventures.
  • Animoca Brands.
  • The Sandbox.
  • OKX Ventures.
  • ConsenSys (developer of Metamask & Linea).
  • Alibaba Cloud.
  • And Arweave. Among others.

A lot of heavy hitters backing private modular data. We like that. You can purchase your own Verifier Node from CARV starting on June 3rd if you get on the white list OR at the public sale on June 5th. Just follow them on X (formerly known as Twitter) and use our link with special code here to get your node to help keep data private.

3) GraphLinq ($GLQ)

GraphLinq is my next pick. It’s an AI-powered automated process management solution. It requires no coding skills. All AI-related projects saw a recent boost by the Nvidia Q1-2024 report. This report showed a Q1-2024 revenue of $26 billion. This also had a positive impact on crypto AI projects, like GraphLinq.

In its ecosystem, we find two main components. These are:

  • The GraphLinq Chain: This chain’s design focuses on supporting the GraphLinq Protocol. The chain makes sure that the automation happens in a secure and accurate way.
  • The GraphLinq Protocol: This is where the automated processing takes place. It allows you to build without any coding skills or knowledge. Its four key components are:
    • IDE — The GraphLinq Integrated Development Environment. This has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Here’s where to set up the automation process.
    • The GraphLinq App — Here you can access pre-made templates. 
    • The GraphLinq Engine — Its core component that executes automation, is secure and accurate.
    • The GraphLinq Marketplace — Here you can buy, sell, and trade templates.

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The current $GLQ price is $0.09611. It has a marketcap of $32.7 million. It has a maximum supply of 500 million tokens. 340 million tokens already circulate. Keep an eye out for these AI projects.

4) Near Protocol ($NEAR)

NEAR Protocol started as an AI project. However, soon it pivoted towards crypto and became an established blockchain project. It offers sharding, which allows for fast and cheap transactions.

To get an idea about what sharding is, think of a supermarket. There’s only one cashier open. As a result, there’s a queue. However, once the supermarket opens with more cashiers, the queue disappears. The NEAR blockchain with its sharding works similarly. In other words, it can process transactions fast.

It made its name in ‘DA’ or Data Availability and cloud computing. DA means that data is easily accessible and safely stored. However, recently, NEAR announced a swing back to AI. So, from decentralized cloud computing to decentralized AI. Their roadmap for the next 3 to 6 months shows a transition to start building user-owned AI. These are their plans:

  • New Research Lab: NEAR AI — For developing decentralized AI.
  • AI Incubator and Investment — For AI projects on NEAR.


Source: X

So, we can welcome NEAR to the world of AI chains. The $NEAR token price is currently $7.30. It has a marketcap of $7.9 billion. The token has an infinite supply. However, the total and circulating supply over around 1.18 billion tokens.

5) OriginTrail ($TRAC)

With OriginTrail, I stay in the AI crypto sector. That Nvidia report is well worth it to explore some more AI projects. So, OriginTrail uses a decentralized knowledge graph or DKG. This manages data of real-world assets. You can compare this to a Layer 2 chain. It also has NeuroWeb.

OriginTrail mingles in both the RWA and AI sectors. These are currently two very promising sectors in crypto.  OriginTrail aims to address misinformation. It also shows the origin of information, so it becomes verifiable. Furthermore, it wants to make information more discoverable. This includes RWAs.


Source: X

The project dates to 2017-2018. Its $TRAC token was already launched back in 2018. Its current price is $0.85. It has a marketcap of $349 million. Out of the max and total supply of 500 million tokens, 406 million circulate. Over a year, the token is up by 248%. However, it’s still 74% away from its $3.50 ATH. So, plenty of room to grow.

What do you expect in June, for the crypto space? Do any of the mentioned projects appear in your June plans? If your favorite project isn’t mentioned?


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