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Blockchain gaming and NFTs sectors have been the center of attraction in the crypto space in recent times. Two significant participants in the NFT space like EnjinStarter and Enjin, have also entered a strategic partnership. Discover the effects in this article.

According to the report, the Enjinstarter-Enjin partnership is focused on facilitating the development of the Enjin ecosystem.

EnjinStarter, known as the launchpad for the Enjin ecosystem, is also known for supporting the blockchain gaming space. The partnership will also help boost growth and development in the Enjin ecosystem. Therefore, it will provide developers with seamless access to Enjin’s unique NFT technology. Also, it’s a gas-free and eco-friendly scaling solution for JumpNet and Efinity.

Enjin Jumpnet blockchain

Source: EnjinStarter

On the other hand, EnjinStarter will provide developers with several amazing features. For example, a unique virtual accelerator program for game integration, monetization, and awareness strategies. The launchpad will also offer support in terms of fundraising, community development, general advice, etc.

EnjinStarter, A Good Investment for the Blockchain Gaming Sector.

Alongside the strategic partnership, EnjinStarter has also gotten a seed investment from the NFT platform. This means that both platforms will work to facilitate the development and adoption of the Enjin ecosystem.

Speaking on the partnership and the seed investment, the CEO of EnjinStarter, Prakash Somosundram disclosed that both platforms have similar goals for blockchain gaming. In addition, EnjinStarter was elated by the prospect of working with Enjin to facilitate adoption and awareness for the Enjin ecosystem.

According to Prakash, “The roadmap ahead is ambitious, exciting, and will be game-changing for Enjin adopters and blockchain games as a whole.” He furthermore added that the entire EnjinStarter ecosystem is “[…] honored to play a small role in bringing the community together through our project acceleration and incubation.”

On the other hand, Enjin has been actively involved in both NFTs and blockchain gaming from as far back as 2017. It also boasts of a wide range of partners, including tech giants Microsoft and Coingecko.

Therefore, the CEO of Enjin, Maxim Blagov, also spoke of the changes taking place in Enjin. Disclosing that the ecosystem was experiencing exponential growth and was looking forward to “[…] to working with EnjinStarter in this venture to build a thriving ecosystem of games built on Blockchain.”

More about EnjinStarter 

EnjinStarter is a launchpad interested in providing support for blockchain games, NFTs, Metaverse. Their native token is $EJS and is also interested in facilitating the growth and development of Enjin and its Efinity blockchain. To achieve exponential growth, EnjinStarter makes use of a multi-level approach taking three steps:

1. A stakeholder committee is working closely with top ecosystem builders like Kangaroo Capital, etc. Interestingly, this stakeholder network will be made up of companies in the EnjinStarter private investment round.

2. $EJS will also launch an Elite scouts program. The program will be launched to identify and onboard promising projects.

3. Lastly, the $EJS token will facilitate the introduction of gaming incentives. This, in turn, will boost community engagement and awareness for the project.

Currently, there are an estimated 1.16 billion Enjin-powered blockchain assets.

$ENJ Price

When writing this article, the $ENJ token was trading at USD 1.61 with a market cap of USD 1,504,484,915 and a 24-hour trading volume of USD 125,001,593. The token is also down by 1.6% in the last 24 hours.

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