Entangle Rolls Out Mainnet Featuring Omnichain Interoperability

It has made a notable advancement in the blockchain industry. Entangle launches its Mainnet two years after its development.

The news of its mainnet launch is official. Within the two years of rigorous development, there was also a Testnet phase. Let’s discover more about Entangle.

Entangle: Fast, Accessible Blockchain Connectivity

Entangle helps provide innovative solutions for smooth compatibility. This web3 platform connects blockchains, protocols, and assets. It makes interacting across other chains much more accessible for developers and users. The launch features the Entangle Blockchain, Entangle Explorer, and Photon Messaging.

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That’s not all. Entangle takes a step further as a layered structure by adding extra features. Entangle features the Application Layer, the Modules Layer, and the Tendermint Consensus Layer.

The Entangle Blockchain’s average block speed is less than 2.8 seconds. That’s 6x faster than Ethereum’s average block time. Entagle’s speed is one feature that makes it outstanding.

More About Entangle

Another significant feature that resulted from this launch is photon messaging. This feature develops omnichains across 16 EVM and non-EVM chains. It improves connectivity and expands its reach in the blockchain industry.

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This platform has over 71 validators. Some of them are Hashkey Cloud, Rhino, Nodefi, and DaiC, with more to join soon. Users can now visit the Entangle Explorer to delegate their tokens on the chain.

Also, about 25 million $NGL are currently staked or delegated to validators. With so much said, the enthusiasm and confidence in Entangle’s potential are visible. Entangle’s initiative also involves onboarding agents. These agents will accept user delegations and stakes within the blockchain.

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This platform brings innovation, connectivity, ease, and accessibility to its users. With every feature at hand, they stand firm in front of many other omnichains.



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