Manta’s CeDeFi combines CeFi and DeFi, offering institutional-grade compliance and financial agility.

By harnessing CeFi’s stable strategy arbitrage and DeFi yields on Manta Pacific, CeDeFi empowers asset holders.

Maximizing Earnings with Manta’s CeDeFi

USDT, USDC, wUSDM, WBTC, BTCB, ETH, and STONE holders can maximize their earnings potential. What sets Manta CeDeFi apart is its unique feature: the simultaneous generation of CeFi and DeFi yields. This innovative ecosystem provides users with two permanent types of earnings—CeFi opportunities and on-chain activities.

According to a blog post, it offers a limited-time opportunity for BTC/ETH/USD holders. Early Manta CeDeFi adopters can earn Manta tokens through a 2-month program, boosting platform engagement.

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Manta Network has partnered with Ceffu (formerly Binance Custody) for top-tier security and compliance. This ensures the safety of managing crypto assets within the CeDeFi ecosystem.

Staked crypto assets are safeguarded by Ceffu, with users receiving an on-chain Liquid Custody Token (LCT) on Manta Pacific corresponding to their deposit. These LCTs, acting as liquid derivatives of the original assets, represent various tokenized forms: WBTC/BTCB translates to mBTC, WETH/STONE to mETH, and USDC/USDT/wUSDM to mUSD.

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Upon depositing USDT, USDC, wUSDM, WBTC, BTCB, ETH, or STONE, users automatically receive Liquid Custody Tokens on Manta Pacific, which can be redeemed for mBTC, mETH, or mUSD shares.



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