Our Top 10 Highest Conviction Altcoins For 2024

The bull run is upon us. Its next leg up is imminent. That’s despite Bitcoin continuing its sideways movement and most altcoins being down. This sounds like you need to start positioning yourself. 

That’s before all hell breaks loose. So, you want to make the most out of it. That’s why you want to get in on the action now. Once the bull run is underway, prices will go up. The biggest narratives for this bull run are AI, RWA, and DePIN. So, that’s why I will be looking into these verticals. My team and I found a handful of altcoins in these verticals with great potential.

1) AI Coins
  • Graphlinq ($GLQ)

$GLQ is my first AI pick. It has two components, the Chain and the Protocol. The Graphlinq Protocol allows you to build without the need of coding skills. It’s an automated process management solution.  

Graphlinq uses nodes. These automate the on-chain and off-chain processing. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface. So, for non-coders, it’s a perfect solution. On its marketplace you can buy, sell, or trade templates.

It’s a great tool to, for example, track token transactions or activities.

  • Edu3Labs ($NFE)

With $NFE, we’re in the educational sector. By using AI, Edu3Labs can customize each person’s education. In true Web3 fashion, you can even earn rewards. Edu3Labs has a Study-and-Earn model in place. You only have to complete quizzes and courses to start earning.

What makes Edu3Labs interesting is that we already called it in our Alpha Live calls. This gem has a potential double-digit multiplier. So, if you wish to be in a position to take full advantage of these calls, sign up for our AB Alpha service.

2) RWA Coins
  • Polytrade Finance ($TRADE)

The first of these altcoins is $TRADE. Polytrade connects DeFi with TradFi. Polytrade expects the current financial system to change. That’s why they want to be at the forefront of this frontier. With Polytrade you can tokenize invoices. 

This sorts out the problem of unpaid invoices. So, this is a massive issue, and Polytrade has a solution for it. It has a dedicated marketplace for its tokenized RWA or real-world assets.

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  • Goldfinch ($GFI)

$GFI is one of the leaders in the RWA realm. It allows you to lend your USDC to businesses around the world. It’s a decentralized credit protocol. The lending options with Goldfinch are also less volatile compared to DeFi.

All loans are over-collateralized by real-world assets. Currently, Goldfinch has over $79 million in active loans. Loans are mostly for emerging markets. Goldfinch wants to bank the unbanked. It offers Senior Pools in which you can provide liquidity. You receive rewards from real yields.

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  • Ondo Finance ($ONDO) 

With $ONDO, we have another protocol that bridges the gap between DeFi and TradFi. It offers risk-isolated, fixed-yield loans. It backs these with yield-earning crypto assets. 

Ondo wants to give us, small retailers, the same access to assets as institutions. Like high-quality financial products and services. It tokenizes these, and they become affordable to you and me. Ondo has two products, $USDY, a stablecoin alternative. There’s also $OUSG. This gives you exposure to US Treasuries but on-chain.

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3) DePIN
  • Akash ($AKT)

I moved on to the RWA vertical, and my first of these altcoins is $AKT. This is a decentralized and open-source compute marketplace. So, if you have access GPU, you can rent it out. It’s up to 40% cheaper to rent decentralized GPU compared to the big, centralized providers.4 Akash is one of the bigger players in this field. 

The platform is also active in the AI vertical. That’s why it will keep doing well, since AI has a continuous demand for GPU.

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  • Dimo ($DIMO)

And so we landed in DePIN with $DIMO. Dimo provides infrastructure for drivers. So, you connect your cars. Now you can earn rewards or free repairs. That’s because it’s Web3 based, and you control your data. 

However, you can share your data for the mentioned rewards. Currently, Dimo has 83k+ cars connected. Here you can see a breakdown by brands. This can be of interest to, for example:

  • App developers.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Dealers.
  • Researchers.

You may want to check if your car is eligible.

  • Crust ($CRU)

Another of these altcoins is $CRU. It is about decentralized cloud storage. Like Arweave and Filecoin. It doesn’t use only one storage layer, like IPFS, but various other ones as well. It stores data across various hosts. Crust uses a global network of nodes. This results in, among others, reduced storage costs. Furthermore, it also offers better:

  • Data security.
  • Reliability through data encryption.
  • Secure backups. 
  • Authorized access.
  • Omnichain interoperability.

It also offers an on-chain storage market.

4) Chainlink ($LINK)

There are also two coins outside these three verticals I like to point out. One of them is $LINK. It’s the leading oracle in the crypto space. Oracles are essential since they allow blockchains to receive real-world information. Remember, blockchains can’t communicate with the real world. However, oracles can.


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5) Solana ($SOL)

The last of these altcoins is Solana. It is the comeback kid of this bull run. In December 2023, $SOL went as low as $8.2. However, in March 2024 it was back at $200. Solana has a lot going for itself, it’s fast, scalable, and offers cheap transactions. It’s also home to some of the most popular memecoins in 2024. 

I expect $LINK and $SOL to get a good boost once the bull run kicks off again. So, did you fancy any of my picks? If so, let me know your favorite. Or let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite bull run coin.


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