Top Crypto News: 04/15

After making an all-time high of $64,804, Bitcoin underwent a correction and is now trading at $63,412. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is making a new daily high and is trading close to $2,538.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today.

Rakuten Europe | Chiliz Partnership to Expand Fan Tokens Amidst Lucrative Rewards

Rakuten Europe partnered with Chiliz to expand their Fan Tokens. is a fan engagement platform that creates Fan Tokens on the Chiliz blockchain. With this collaboration, Rakuten members can redeem some of the biggest and famed Fan Tokens of sports clubs utilizing Rakuten Points. Further, the team is working out to integrate both platforms to design a place where users can enjoy lucrative deals swiftly. Besides this, users can also enjoy a lot of other facilities from such as collectibles, voting rights, VIP rewards, and many more. Rakuten offers a variety of services across Europe such as shopping, communications, and digital content. Hence, this coalition helps members to enjoy everyday shopping while earning lucrative rewards. On the other hand, it would help Chiliz to expand its Fan Tokens and entice new users.

Harmony | SWFT Payment Network Integration to Utilize ONE as Digital Payment

Harmony partnered with SWFT Payment Network to expand the usage of ONE as a digital payment. The SWFT blockchain is a next-generation cross-chain swap protocol and payment network. Its upgraded technology unites blockchain, machine learning, and big data to enable direct swaps between different cryptocurrencies. With this integration, users can swap ONE with over 300 cryptocurrencies on SWFT’s DeFi Swap platform. Besides this, users would get access to services such as ONE swaps, red packets, and payments. In addition, Harmony users can apply the ONE token to more applications while utilizing its one-stop cross-chain transfer solution. Additionally, this would also expand the usage of ONE with some of the big giants, such as WeChat, Alibaba, and Baidu.

Band Protocol Taps Google Cloud to Integrate Oracles on BigQuery for Real-Time Prices

Google Cloud announced the integration of Band Protocol oracles for analysis of real-time Dataset. As per the tweet, Google BigQuery would integrate Band Protocol’s Standard Dataset to get quick access to financial data accurately. Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that joins real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. With this coalition, Google Cloud’s researchers and developers would utilize Band Protocol oracles to access the external data sources and other decentralized oracles. In addition, this would also help to enhance the real-time price discovery mechanisms of capital markets accurately.

Dafi Protocol Teams up With Tidal Finance to Safeguard Crypto Assets With Enhanced Token Utility

Dafi Protocol collaborated with Tidal Finance to enhance its dTokens utility. Tidal Finance is an insurance market built upon Polkadot to safeguard DeFi through its insurance coverage for assets across chains. With this partnership, Dafi would integrate its synthetic dTokens into Tidal’s ecosystem. Effectively, this will help users to utilize the efficient risk coverage mechanisms of Tidal Finance. In addition, this would provide utmost security and safety to Dafi’s decentralized ecosystem. Further, Dafi will facilitate Tidal Finance to create synthetics, which will spur token adoption by restricting hyperinflation. Additionally, users can pay a small premium to safeguard their crypto assets from malicious threats and hacks.

OIN Finance Secures Grant From NEAR Foundation to Create NEAR-Backed Stablecoin

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have OIN Finance securing a grant from the NEAR Foundation to create a stablecoin. As per the tweet, this grant is for the amount of $25,000 to develop a NEAR-backed stablecoin. Further, this stablecoin operates as a base currency in the NEAR ecosystem to empower users by providing liquidity. Besides this, NEAR-backed stablecoins mitigate the volatility of the crypto asset, which allows mainstream users to utilize it as a fiat currency. The smart contract on OINDAO supports multi-coin farming. Therefore, NEAR users can farm up to 20 different projects’ tokens in the NEAR ecosystem through a bridge.

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