Introducing TSS The Sneakerheadz Society

One area that brings the most utility and added value to NFTs is the Phygital sector. This is the mix of physical, real-world products and NFTs for both a real and virtual experience. And NFTs have an essential role to play here.

Enter TSS

TSS or The Sneakerheadz Society is a great phygital project that blends the fun jpegs of Bored Apes with the practicality of IRL shoes and clothing products. True to the name, the fun PFPs and NFTs available are actual sneakers where the head should be. This project is on the Ethereum blockchain. It was such a hit the collection sold out.

This is what one of the Sneakerheadz looks like.


The society that makes up TSS is a member-only club of 4444 people. And some of the NFTs feature sneakers you may be familiar with already like the old-school Converse Chuck Taylor’s or Nike Air basketball shoes.

Targeting those that like to show off their new kicks and ‘flex’ a little, the TSS collection sold out in a total of only 90 minutes back in September. 

So What’s the Physical Part?

As a phygital project, there are both physical and digital parts to it. It’s pretty clear what the digital part is. Being a member of TSS means you get access to new collections, airdrops, events, and physical drops of shoes too.

So far, TSS has given away 10 pairs of sneakers and 40 phygital NFTs in partnership with phygital launchpad platform Another1. Members have already received some themed airdrops like TSS Halloween and there are more to come. Members today are eligible for raffles that give away 3-5 pairs of stylish sneakers per month. Also, there are other tasks members can do to earn more NFTs or even cash.

One very cool feature of both TSS and Another1 is how they use their NFT. Most phygital products only use NFTs like a reservation system or presale arrangement. Then once you are ready to redeem for the physical product like our shoes here, they burn the NFT and it’s gone.

Not so with TSS or other Another1 projects. Here the NFT maintains its own value and utility. You can redeem it for shoes or other items while keeping the fun PFP for yourself. The NFT helps keep you eligible for raffles, cash, or even more NFTs to grow your collection. This is the first we’ve seen of this where the NFT has more value than just holding a physical item purchase. And this is the future of where phygital is going.

TSS and Another1 are not alone in thinking this either. Their partners include lots of big names in the space like:

  • Animoca Brands
  • The Sandbox
  • Another-1
  • Lithium Ventures
  • Baselayer Capital
  • GD10 Ventures
  • FBG Capital
  • Enjinstarter
  • And more
Coming Soon to TSS

Soon there will be a full play-to-earn game where you can accumulate earnings so you can buy more shoes or other NFTs (and by completing quests become eligible for even more items). That game will be in The Sandbox keeping a high profile on that partnership. The game will include 3D Voxel-based in-game character collections designed specifically for the game itself. There are also collaborations with leading show brands in the works that members can qualify for. This along with a huge savings of 10% on fees on the Superfaya Sneakers Marketplace. Currently, The Sneakerheadz Society is collaborating with Lithium Ventures to offer a rewards program based on user engagement. So the more you get involved, the more you earn.

This Superfaya partnership is leading to its first sneaker raffle with the winner announced on December 15th. You can enter any time between December 1st and 14th for a chance to win. There will be 3 winners announced on the 15th and they will win $500 worth of sneakers. Winners will get either a pair of Nike retro Air Jordans or some Adidas Yeezy 350V2. Your original TSS NFT is your entry in the raffle. All you have to do is:

Here’s some more info about the Sneakerheadz raffle.

So if you feel like your shoes say a lot about you and your kicks are one of the ways you like to express yourself, then The Sneakerheadz Society is a collection you should check out. They are not only leading the way in sneaker fashion NFTs but they are paving the way for all phygital projects to manage their NFTs more effectively for both themselves and users like us.

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