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Altcoin Buzz has been consistently providing the best-in-class news related to the latest developments in the crypto ecosystem. Our fundamental analysis and research has no bout. To add to it, we started our technical analysis segment as well to provide our users with a holistic evaluation of market direction and sentiments. We formed our free crypto trading signals group in December 2020 and have accomplished to provide you with the safest calls in the crypto industry.


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Our calls have been providing our users extremely high returns without a single call hitting any stop loss. This is an attribute which very less groups have and we are proud to deliver some of the safest signals in the entire crypto industry.

Day trading is one of the paramount ways to be self-dependent. If you are reading this article, you are one step closer towards financial freedom. You have the power to control your life and work for no one else but yourself if you are a trader.

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You have been reading our technical analysis articles where we called the massive rally of BTC of both ETH. We also called the rise in XRP from $0.26 to $0.60 and the drop in XRP from $0.44  to sub $0.30 level.

Today, we will give you the perusal of the performance of our free signals group. We started the Telegram Group of Altcoin Buzz Signals on 7th of December 2020.

Free Trading Signals:

Our first signal to long AXS/USD marked the beginning of our portfolio beginning. The signal to long was given at $0.51. In the first signal, we saw a gain of 180%.



That’s how it began. Followers nearly tripled their account in the first trade itself.  But that’s just the beginning. Below is a glimpse of some of the calls.







Whether the market was bullish or bearish, we made profits in both directions. Below are some of the calls where we shorted the market.


Some more examples:



The best part about our signals is that we have not hit a single stop-loss from all the signals that were provided.  There are lots of groups that provide you 3-5 signals per day. Many of them hit stop loss and you end up draining your portfolio rather than building it.

At Altcoin Buzz Signals Group, we carefully vet each and every call and use a confluence of Support, Resistance, RSI, Ichimoku, Fibonacci, MACD, BB, EMA and various other indicators. We post a call only when all indicators align and a trade is extremely safe with a very high probability of hitting targets and very low probability of hitting stop loss. So far, our success rate is 100%.

Below is the glimpse of the performance of each and every call posted on Altcoin Buzz Signals Group:

Monthly Signals

In the best case scenario wherein you invested an amount of $10,000, your final capital if you took all of our trades back-to-back would have been $3,75,563.27. That’s a gain of 3655.33% in a month.

However, since some trades were provided simultaneously, the gains would be a bit lower practically than theoretically.

Join our FREE crypto trading signals group on Telegram to experience the best trading signals in the industry and give yourself the gift of financial freedom. You would not want to miss the next alt season and you definitely would not want to miss out on our signals.

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  1. Hello Pratik, I would like to learn how to apply the information in your article. I’m interested in learning to trade coins but have 0% experience. I’m interested in financial independence.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!


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