What Is JulWallet?

JulWallet is part of the JustLiquidity ecosystem. JulWallet offers, for instance, a crypto debit card. You can use the wallet on your mobile phone or as a Chrome extension.

We are going to review this one-stop wallet that lets you store, swap, bridge, and buy tokens. So, let’s look a bit deeper into the JulWallet.


Source: JulWallet website

What Is JulWallet?

JulWallet is part of the JustLiquidity ecosystem. This means that JulWallet lives on the Fantom L1 chain. That’s where JustLiquidity made its home and where they build.

JulWallet uses a KYC procedure. For this, they use Passbase, who have a handy list of which documents they support in each country. Furthermore, they currently use eight chains. For example – the BNB chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon (Matic), and Ethereum.

The next step is an integrated bridge system which allows cross-chain swaps. It goes without saying that the wallet also supports NFTs.

The JulWallet is easy to install. Furthermore, it offers cross-chain token transfers, and it has a dApp browser. The wallet also offers an end-to-end solution, like MetaMask.

They have two main features on offer as a wallet.

  1. A crypto debit card, the JulCard
  2. A one-stop wallet for storing, swapping, bridging, and buying tokens.

We discussed the JulWallet already here, now let’s have a look at the JulCard.

What Is the JulCard?

The JulCard is the crypto debit card from the JulWallet. You can use this card at 60 million merchants all over the world. Of course, online and in-store. Furthermore, they offer a nice cashback of up to 6%.

You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. However, if you want to have access to your card, you need to stake the JULD token. This way, your daily spending limit and cashback increases. There’s a $6.99 charge per month. This will give you access to the following packages in the picture below.


Source: JulWallet website

Currently, the JulCard uses the Fantom credit card network with nine tokens. For instance, JULD, Fantom, ETH, BTC, and TOMB. The latest addition is the TOR stablecoin.

The JulCard allows people without a bank an integration into the financial system. With the JulCard, they have also access to a debit card. The JulCard removes all middlemen, including banks. Instead, they use smart contracts. You only need internet access.

Who Is on the JulWallet Team?

The JulWallet team has a few people in their ranks. We will highlight the most important people in the team.

Tobias Graf — CEO with 12 years of CEO experience. He has already spent six years active in the blockchain space. Furthermore, he has a financial background with experience in project planning and business management.

Rohit Changediya — CTO and full-stack developer. He is comfortable with various programming utilities and many coding languages.

How to Set Up Your JulWallet?

We will show you four easy steps to set up your JulWallet.

  1. Download the JulWallet app.

This is available as iOS, Android, APK, or in the Chrome web store for your browser.

Wallet set up

2. Click on “Create a new wallet” or import a wallet with the seed phrase.

Set up JulWallet

3. Enter a secure password. Make sure not to share your password. Whoever has the password can access your crypto.

Set up your wallet

4. Make a back-up of your wallet. Write down your seed phrase and keep it in one or more safe places.


Congratulations, you managed to set up your JulWallet. Only you have access to your funds. You can also recover the wallet in case you have a problem with your phone. For example, if your phone drowns or you lose the phone. The JulWallet doesn’t require any registration.

What Is the JULD Token?

Initially, there were two tokens, JUL and JULD. JUL was the main token and JULD a rewards token for JulSwap. However, after a flash loan attack in mid-2021, the JUL price dropped. They decided to allow JUL holders to swap to JULD tokens. The JULD token is now the only token, and it’s a governance token.

The current price is $0.00556373, which is 36.7% down over the last 24 hours. Over one year, it is down 91.4%. The market cap is $3.2 million, with almost 600 million tokens in circulation. The max and total supply is just under 800 million tokens. The ATH was $0.752790 on February 22, 2021. All this info according to CoinGecko.

Use cases for the JULD tokens are, among others:

  • Governance if you stake JULD in your wallet.
  • Upgrade options for debit card limits and cash back, if you stake JULD in the debit card.
  • Save 10% on the monthly subscription when paid with JULD.

We showed you all the ins and outs of the JulWallet app. They offer the bankless a decentralized debit card option. To clarify, this means that there are no middlemen involved, like banks. We also highlighted the JulCard and the JulWallet and introduced you to the team. We also discussed the JULD token.

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