After making a daily low of $47,188, Bitcoin is now trading at $51,271. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $3,495.

Let’s deep dive into some interesting crypto news stories for the day.

1 – TomoChain Lab Launching TomoMasterDAO and Its IDO on LuaStarter

TomoChain Lab is set to launch its governance platform, dubbed TomoMasterDAO, on October 15, 2021. Moreover, TomoMasterDAO offers funding for projects built on TomoChain blockchain and community initiatives. Further, the team has allotted over $2 million for this TomoMasterDAO ecosystem.

The foundation of this TomoMasterDAO is the tDAO token, which has a total supply of 100,000,00 tDAO. This token will be utilized for voting, offering bounties, and increasing funds for the TomoMasterDAO ecosystem. This token launch will take place on LuaStarter through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Initially, 4,000,000 tDAO tokens will be available at the launch of the IDO.

With this launch, a community-driven developer bounties program will get implemented on TomoMasterDAO. This launch helps emerging projects to apply for funding of new ideas, new software, community initiatives, and marketing campaigns. Interestingly, the popular selected bounties will be posted on the website and the winning proposals will receive special prizes.

2 – Quant Released Overledger 2.1.1 to Support the Ethereum London Hard Fork

Quant has declared the launch of its Overledger 2.1.1 to support the EIP-1559 Ethereum upgrade. As per the tweet, this updated Overledger offers transparent backward compatibility. Further, this allows developers to utilize the Ethereum network without implementing EIP-1559.

As stated, this Overledger API enhances API 3.0 compliance, array definitions, and validations. Further, this offers optimized smart contract event monitoring. Additionally, the team has also implemented functionality for developers to pay license fees using MetaMask. Notably, interface changes and integrations for this functionality will take place in the near future.

3 – Bloktopia Opening Its Staking Pools With Lucrative APY

Bloktopia has announced the launch of its staking pools in the coming days. Moreover, Bloktopia utilizes the advanced real-time 3D Creation Engine to create stunning visualizations and user experiences.

According to the announcement, the first round is split into three pools such as short, medium, and longer-term staking. Further, the pool sizes are limited, and users can participate on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, the maximum amount a user can stake is up to 530,303,029 $BLOK with the APY between 20% to 60%. Notably, these pools will be available for staking three days after the $BLOK distribution, which will start from October 9, 2021.

4 – OpenOcean | Fantom Integration to Support Leading DEXes and Enhance Trading

OpenOcean has integrated with Fantom to empower users with enhanced trading opportunities. According to the tweet, this integration would help OpenOcean to connect with Fantom-based decentralized exchanges such as SushiSwap, SpookySwap, SpiritSwap, and more.

Fantom has fast, scalable, customizable, and near-zero fees transaction finality, which makes it ideal for DeFi applications and real-world uses. Meanwhile, OpenOcean is a leading full aggregator that provides liquidity pools for both DeFi and CeFi. Hence, this coalition helps traders to enjoy the best prices for Fantom-based assets through OpenOcean.

5 – EnjinStarter Launching Its First IDO Named Defina Finance

In the last bit of crypto news for today, we have EnjinStarter launching its first IDO. EnjinStarter is a dedicated blockchain gaming launchpad focused on blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses. As per the announcement, the first IDO coming on EnjinStarter is Defina Finance.

Defina Finance is a blockchain game that combines DeFi with NFTs. In addition, players can purchase or collect various NFT mystery boxes. Notably, users who were whitelisted in the EJS IDO will be eligible to participate in this event. More information regarding this IDO participation can be found here.

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